Microsoft Advertisement Sends Christmas Cheer To Apple

The recent Microsoft advertisement is almost as heartwarming as a cup of hot chocolate. Okay, it’s way more heartwarming. The advertisement was released yesterday and shows a group of Microsoft employees traveling to the iconic Apple store on Fifth Avenue to sing Christmas carols, reports CNET.

The events actually took place on November 16, but Microsoft waited until now to release the brilliant advertisement to the public.

Kathleen Hall, the corporate VP of global advertising at Microsoft, had this to say about the advertisement.

“We find that when we put stuff out there it can take on a life of its own. We’re not doing too much to push, just enough to get it out there.”

Whether it’s just a ploy to gain favor in the eyes of the public or an actual attempt to make peace with Apple remains to be seen, but it’s nice to see nonetheless.


Apple Insider states that Apple knew about the filming of the advertisement and actually gave it their blessing. The only thing they didn’t know about was the actual content of the ad.

Realistically, Apple probably had no problem with the spot, but it does show Microsoft as kind, thoughtful, and human — something that may cause consumers to identify more with their brand and, in turn, buy from them instead.

In the past, Apple advertisements have had more of a sentimental vibe. In 2013, Apple came out with a spot featuring a boy using his iPhone camera to shoot a family Christmas video. It was an emotional advertisement and was right in tune with the marketing strategy that Apple has employed in recent years. It went on to win an Emmy last year for Most Outstanding Commercial.

However, with this new Microsoft advertisement, it seems like Apple’s rival is taking a page out of their own book.

Apple has already released their own holiday ad featuring Stevie Wonder. He’s shown singing “Someday at Christmas,” a song that’s about fighting against poverty and war. Similar to Microsoft, this ad doesn’t push any specific product — it’s just about giving the audience a certain feeling.


The status of the relationship between Apple and Microsoft is murky. Tim Cook recently called Microsoft’s laptops “diluted.” But at the recent Apple Event in September, a Microsoft executive made an appearance onstage. It shocked the tech world.

This surprise mirrored another time when Bill Gates was broadcasted to an Apple Event in 1997 to talk about a collaboration between Microsoft and Apple.

Despite the quarrels in the past, Microsoft is now looking to be viewed as a company striving to work together with other companies instead of competing with them head-on. This is a point that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has tried to make during his year and a half at the helm. He wants to make Microsoft products compatible with other companies.

This new Christmas advertisement backs up that philosophy.

It would be nice to see a response from Apple where they return the Christmas cheer to Microsoft, but only time will tell whether they can pull an advertisement together that quickly.

The idea of Microsoft and Apple putting aside differences to spread a little holiday cheer is something that the public can enjoy right now. Even though Microsoft’s global advertising VP didn’t want to market the ad that much, it’s already started to make the rounds all over the internet.

One thing’s for sure, the Microsoft advertisement is one of the best ones we’ll see all Christmas.

[Image via Microsoft]