Lamar Odom: Scary Secrets About His Severe Condition Worse Than Initially Reported, Insiders Say

Lamar Odom is reportedly facing a number of medical complications as he embarks on the road to recovery from his alleged drug overdose, and his condition is rumored to be worse than what was initially reported. Although Khloe Kardashian briefly discussed his condition during her interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, there were a number of aspects she didn’t share with fans. But now, an alleged insider has opted to share details about Lamar’s condition with fans around the world. As Khloe previously stated, cognitively, Lamar has a long road ahead. The insider also echoed a similar account, but in greater detail, according to Radar Online.


In addition to learning how to walk again, Lamar Odom is reportedly battling ongoing incontinence, but refuses to wear adult diapers. The insider expounded upon this aspect of his health during a brief interview with the media outlet.

“The most difficult aspect of Lamar’s recovery, apart from learning to walk, has been dealing with the ongoing incontinence. He has been unable to control his bladder muscles and the urge to go. He refuses to wear an adult diaper and is going through numerous pairs of underwear daily,” the insider reportedly told Radar. “The soiled underwear is sent out to a laundry service that returns it the next day to his hospital room,” the source explained. “Doctors are hopeful that as Lamar continues to recover, the incontinence won’t be an issue.”

As expected, Lamar Odom reportedly tries to assure everyone around him that he’s fine by masking his incontinence while family and friends are visiting. But the road to recovery has been quite difficult, physically and emotionally, for the former NBA star. According to the insider, Lamar Odom “has tried to hide the incontinence from visitors as it’s obviously very embarrassing for him. Everyone has been very supportive and no one has joked about it. It’s just terribly humbling and sad to see Lamar struggling.”

The latest report comes after a string of reports about the possibility of Lamar Odom facing charges for illegal drug possession. Since cocaine was reportedly found in his system, many news outlets wondered if Nye County prosecutors would press charges against him. However, due to his dire health, Perez Hilton has reported that prosecutors have opted to refrain from pressing charges.

HOLLYWOOD - SEPTEMBER 21: Television personality Khloe Kardashian (L) and Los Angeles Laker Lamar Odom attend the "AXE Music One Night Only" concert series featuring Weezer at Dunes Inn Motel - Sunset on September 21, 2010 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images For AXE)

As previously reported on the Inquisitr, Khloe Kardashian stated during her interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Lamar Odom has absolutely no idea why he’s been hospitalized because he does not remember any of the events that occurred prior to him being found unconscious inside the Love Ranch in Las Vegas on October 16. So, prosecutors are reportedly taking the severity of his mental health and medical condition into deep consideration because he may not ever be mentally competent to stand trial.

Although it is still unclear how long Lamar Odom will remain hospitalized, the insider revealed he wants to be discharged before the Christmas holidays. “Lamar hopes to be out of Cedars before Christmas and will continue getting outpatient treatment.”

The insider’s claims about Lamar Odom’s alleged incontinence have yet to be confirmed or denied, but there is a possibility the claim could be true since he has suffered cognitive impairment as a result of several strokes and brain damage. At this point, doctors are still unsure of what the future holds for Lamar Odom, but it’s been rumored that he may never be the same again.

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