Rick Ross To Drake In ‘Color Money’ Song Lyrics: Meek Mill Made $1 Million, ‘We’re Back-To-Back And Down To Whack A N**** Unborn’

The most recent mainstream buzz about Rick Ross in 2014 covered his weight loss, as reported by the Inquisitr. Ross fans learned about Rick’s workouts called “RossFit” instead of “CrossFit” — and how the “ef with me you know I got it” lyricist lost anywhere from 85 to 100 pounds by giving shout-outs to pears. Now Ross is making major buzz again because of an apparent diss in his new song “Color Money,” aimed directly at Drake.


As reported by MTV, certain lyrics found in Ross’ new “Color Money” song directly address Drake’s “Back to Back” diss track against Meek Mill. First, a little backstory. Drake previously confessed his love for Nicki Minaj, according to MTV, years ago. Although the two have been called everything from friends to something more than label mates, some folks believe Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” lyrics are about Minaj.

“Sweat pants, hair tied, chillin’ with no make up on
That’s when you’re the prettiest
I hope that you don’t take it wrong
You don’t even trip when friends say, ‘you ain’t bringing Drake along?'”

Meanwhile, after Drake rhymed about marrying Nicki, he eventually was linked to Rihanna, and something went wrong in Minaj’s friendship with Drake, reports MTV.

“I love Nicki Minaj, I told her I’d admit it/ I hope one day we get married just to say we f*****’ did it.”

Nicki eventually moved on from her longtime boyfriend Safaree Samuels, as reported by the Daily Mail, and began dating Meek Mill. Before long, a beef between Meek and Drake arose that seemed to capture the ears of the nation. Meek claimed Drake had his songs ghostwritten. As a result, Drake threw the verbal hammer down at Meek with his “Back to Back” song, with lyrics that were crafted as a result of Meek’s “Charged Up” song.

“Back to Back” was the second song in one week that dissed Mill, and when Drake began the OVO Fest 2015 with his Meek Mill diss track, accompanied by memes created by fans in the background, it was the proverbial throwing down of the mic. That video has swelled to more than 4.4 million views on YouTube.

Warning: The following video of Drake dissing Meek in “Back to Back” contains language that might be offensive.

The telling parts of those song lyrics include Drake singing that he’s not sure what made Meek and Nicki mad, but that he doesn’t want to hear about the melee again — not even when Nicki breaks up with Mill and tells him that they are better suited as friends. Hope seems to spring eternal for a Nicki and Drake marriage.

Now that Rick has dropped “Color Money,” some of the lyrics are an obvious reference to Drake’s “Back to Back” diss lyrics. While Drake asked Meek if that was “a world tour or his girl’s tour,” in a reference to Meek opening up for Nicki, Ross brought up that lyric once more. Drake dissed Meek, saying that when Nicki asked Meek to “open up more,” Minaj didn’t mean for Mill to open up for her as an opening act.

Ross used that opportunity, as reported in the “Color Money” lyrics on Genius, to claim the Meek made $1 million by opening up for Minaj on that tour.

“Color money got your b**** out on a world tour
My lil homie made a million on his girl tour”

What’s really scary is when Rick starts waxing all Stand Your Ground-ish and seems to say that he’ll kill Drake’s unborn child, and that the Florida gun laws are in his favor.

“We back to back and down to whack a n**** unborn
Miami n****** got them changing all the gun laws”

Then Rick goes on to reference Drake’s “0-100” lyric whereby Drake claims he runs stuff, rhyming about people saying, “Go Forrest” to Drake. Ross disses Drake’s label as well. He seems to rhyme about not only threatening Drake’s unborn child’s life — but Drake’s life as well, apparently. Rick rhymes that “a hundred stacks” — or $10,000 — will take care of the home invasion he’s planning.

“So run Forrest got some shooters and they dying too
I got more money than that p**** that you’re signed to
Survive who call this a color money conversation
A hundred stacks will cover everything I’m contemplating
Full confrontation home invasion for the quarter key
Them cheap ass condos ain’t the safest place you want to be
Call up my C.O. but you better not go call police
So when I see you I’ma give you what you wanna see
You wanna see?”

With Ross having a secret Revolt and Genius event on Wednesday, December 2, as reported by MTV, let’s hope the Black Market lyrics and especially the above lyrics seemingly threatening Drake’s life are just the stuff of bravado speaking that remains on the page, not the stage of real life.


Since Ross and Drake have performed together and laid down tracks together, the new lyrics from “Color Money” have surprised some of their fans.


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