Josh Duggar Hoping To Renew Wedding Vows With Wife Anna

Josh and Anna Duggar are still together at this time, and it looks like he is planning to try to get her to renew their wedding vows. They are going through a hard time while Josh is in rehab getting help for his sexual addiction. This has put Anna at home alone with their children without help from her husband. Hollywood Life is sharing the news about what is going on with Josh now. Anna has been considering divorce and doesn’t even know what to do at this time, so Josh is trying to get her to renew their vows in hopes that it will help out their marriage.

A source close to Josh and Anna Duggar is speaking out and says that Josh is hoping to have a big ceremony when he gets out of rehab. This would be a big deal for Anna and he is hoping to make her happy. This has been a hard time for Anna, and she is raising four children without Josh to help. The source revealed that at this time, Anna isn’t even sure that she wants to stay with Josh. She found out that he cheated on her with more than one person even while she was pregnant with their fourth child. Anna, of course, is not happy about this, but she does have a family with Josh and has to decide what is best for them.


A source shared that Josh Duggar even told Anna that they were meant to have another baby together. He wants to make sure that she will stay with him and is hoping that either a baby or a renewal of their vows will win her over. It sounds like he is willing to do whatever it takes to get Anna to stay with him. Josh knows he did mess up, but it might be too late to save his marriage. He wants to save it if he can find a way.

Hollywood Life shared that Anna Duggar is really still considering divorce at this time and just doesn’t know what to do right now. A source close to the couple spoke out about how Anna Duggar is feeling about Josh now.

“The holidays were always a really special time for Josh and Anna, but not anymore. It’s been really stressful for Anna because her kids want their daddy home for the holidays and she’s a full-time single parent. She is getting support from the Duggar family in that they help watch the kids, but she’s still under a ton of pressure. She’s contemplating divorce, but now Josh wants them to renew their wedding vows in front of both of their families.”

It was actually revealed that Josh Duggar molested several girls while he was underage. Anna Duggar knew about this before she married Josh and was obviously okay with it. The thing is, after that it was discovered that Josh Duggar had been cheating on Anna by finding women on the Ashley Madison site and having sex with them behind her back. Of course, Anna had no idea at all what was going on with Josh at the time. Once she found out, Josh was sent away to rehab and has been there ever since getting help.


Do you think that Josh and Anna Duggar should renew their vows? Should Anna stay with him, or should they call it quits on their marriage? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts about what Anna should do. Also, don’t miss Anna Duggar when she returns to television on a special coming December 13 that is all about Jessa and Jill.

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