Dave Grohl Vs Animal: Foo Fighters Singer Faces ‘Muppets’ Star In Drum Battle

Rock star Dave Grohl apparently went head-to-head against another longtime rock star in an epic drum battle.

The Foo Fighters frontman faced The Muppets star Animal in an intense drum battle during this week’s episode of the popular ABC comedy series.

According to Consequence of Sound, Grohl appears on the episode as the drummer for Miss Piggy’s house band The Electric Mayhem for her popular late-night talk show.

Fans of the longtime rock star will more than likely just enjoy seeing him performing on the show at all. However, during the end credits of the episode is when things get really exciting. A duel between Dave Grohl and Animal is set up, with each rival seated at his own respective drum set side-by-side.

Moments after Dave lets Animal know that he has been waiting on this drum battle for a long time, Animal starts the battle by jamming on his own set for the first round.

When he finished, Dave added a little insult to injury by taunting his opponent with a witty response to a simple cymbal tap.

“Oh, what’s that? A bell? Time for school!”

Round after round, Dave Grohl and Animal gave their best drum solos as the competition became more and more intense and exciting to watch for fans of The Muppets and the Foo Fighters.

Eventually, the intensity of their solos drove them to start knocking over their drum set piece by piece. It did not take very long before both Dave and Animal were just sitting there on their respective stools – exhausted and absolutely out of breath. Instead of crowning a single winner, they both essentially surrendered.

Even though the episode does not air in the United States until Tuesday night, it premiered in Canada earlier this week – which explains how the footage of the drum battle surfaced online in the first place.

A potential face-off between Dave Grohl and Animal was at least teased on social media thanks to a hilarious picture posted on the show’s official Instagram page on Monday.

Dave Grohl vs Animal
(Photo Credit: The Muppets Instagram)

In addition to Dave Grohl’s cameo, The Walk actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt also starred in the same episode – playing cards with the Muppets and singing a duet alongside none other than Miss Piggy herself.

This is not the first time that Dave Grohl has taken his talent into the wonderful world of the Muppets. The 46-year-old singer also made a cameo appearance in the 2011 film The Muppets as Animool — the drummer of the dysfunctional Muppets tribute band called the Moopets.

Many people may remember when actor Will Ferrell competed in a hilarious drum battle against Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Chances are that the Dave Grohl vs. Animal battle will join the Ferrell vs. Smith drum-off on the list of memorable musical moments that are forever cherished by fans and followers alike.

[Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images]

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