Taylor Dating Paulson? Speculation Swirls As Taylor, 72, Reveals She’s Dating A Much Younger Woman

Holland Taylor could be dating American Horror Story star Sarah Paulson as news came out that the Two and a Half Men star has come out as a lesbian publicly. For her part, Paulson has not come out and acknowledged the truth behind the rumors, but signs seem to point to Taylor dating Paulson.

Perhaps the most telling sign that Taylor could be dating Paulson is a recent tweet that Taylor posted of Paulson in a stunning floor-length gown.

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According to several reports, Holland Taylor said she’s been involved in relationships with women for some time and said that she was not coming out because she “was out.”

“I live out,” Taylor said, according to New York Daily News.

The actress’ Twitter feed, according to Autostraddle, has been rife with connections and conversations between Paulson and Taylor, leading many to conclude that Taylor is dating Paulson. Certainly, the tweets between the two are very flattering and clearly full of admiration.


Taylor explained that she often hates discussing her personal life because there could be some political connotations drawn from the fact that she is a lesbian, and certainly, rumors about Taylor dating Paulson would not help to make the rumors any less politicized. However, regardless of whether Taylor is dating Paulson or not, Taylor says there has already been some discussion of marriage, simply because the heart sometimes wants that deep-seated connection.

“As a deed that has a very rich symbolic gesture to it, it has its attraction,” Taylor admitted, according to Entertainment Tonight.

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Certainly, Taylor is not the first actress to go through media scrutiny because she has come out — even though she says that she is living as an out woman. Ellen DeGeneres garnered a number of headlines back in the 1990s because her television character came out at the same time as she did. During an airing of Oprah’s Master Class where DeGeneres discussed the process of coming out, Degeneres admitted that she was surprised at how big of a deal her coming out in the way she did became.

“It became bigger than I ever thought it would be. Bigger than I wanted it to be,” DeGeneres said. “It overshadowed my talent, it overshadowed who I am as a person.”

Taylor dating Paulson should not come as a significant shock, should there be any truth to the rumors that are currently swirling around the actresses. Interestingly enough, Taylor appears to be taking the media scrutiny surrounding whether Taylor is dating Paulson rather calmly. Taylor has not admitted that she is dating Paulson, but she said that there is a significant age gap between her girlfriend and her.

Taylor’s admission that she is a lesbian aired last week on a podcast of WYNC’s Death, Sex and Money. Taylor may be dating Paulson, but regardless of who she’s dating, it would appear that the relationship between Taylor and her significant other could be getting quite serious.

“I’ve never lived for long period of time with anyone, I mean, sort of, really linking my life to someone else, that has never been the way I have lived,” Holland said. “And it’s somewhat the way I’m living now and at my age it’s quite interesting. It’s quite a learning curve. Cause I’m in that sort of relationship now. And I’m lucky to have the opportunity to.”

Taylor dating Paulson could be one of the hottest bits of news to hit the entertainment circuit for some time. Taylor enjoyed a lot of fame in her years on The Practice and Two and a Half Men, and Paulson has been busy on American Horror Story since 2011. If Taylor is dating Paulson, this dynamic duo should enjoy their much-coveted privacy and each other’s company.

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