WWE Rumors: Lana Blindsided By Management

Latest WWE rumors are saying that Lana was blindsided by management during her segment on Monday Night RAW this week, according to Wrestling Inc.

Even though they are now a billion dollar corporation, the people that run WWE can sometime appear rather petty with things that happen on their television shows. The latest episode of Monday Night RAW was a prime example of that. Lana made her return, which was quite surprising since there were rumors that management wanted to avoid using her since they are upset with the blonde bombshell. She worked a segment with Rusev during a Miz TV interview to let the fans know that they are back together again.

The trio was interrupted Ryback, who was asked to cut a quick promo before working a match against Rusev. Management reportedly asked Ryback to throw in a couple of lines that were not originally in the script that was handed to Lana and Rusev. Ryback stated that Dolph Ziggler went all the way with Lana, which seems a bit sophomoric since most WWE fans know that their onscreen relationship was scripted and not real. Since they don’t have a lot of backstage stroke, Lana and Rusev had no choice but to accept the verbal jab.

WWE diva Paige

Lana And Paige Backstage Heat

Even though much of the world now knows that professional wrestling is scripted, WWE still has certain rules when it pertains to their characters and the storylines that they are involved in. Lana violated a couple of those rules. On screen, she was having issues with Rusev and began dating Ziggler. Off screen, she excitedly revealed through her Instagram account that Rusev had proposed to her in real life. TMZ caught wind of the story, so WWE was forced to change things up, which led to backstage heat towards Lana.

To make matters worse for herself, Lana decided to get into a war of words with Paige through Twitter. Lana publicly claimed that Paige was a bully to her when the two of them were developmental divas down in NXT. That does not sit well with management, because WWE has been a strong proponent against bullying. Airing the company’s dirty laundry is not a very good way to move up the ladder. The front office was forced to ponder ways to make fans think that this real life squabble is simply a storyline.

Lana and Rusev

Lana’s Future In WWE

There was a point in time where Lana was on the verge of a huge push from WWE. She was organically receiving support from the audience, even though she was a heel at the time. Management saw that, and felt that she could become a big star in their divas division. Lana was asked to undergo more in-ring training at the performance center to get ready for the role. Since she managed to get on the wrong side of the front office, that big push for Lana is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

That doesn’t mean that we have seen the end of Lana in WWE. Management doesn’t want to discard her so easily, since they spent a lot of time and valuable resources in building up her character. They want to see if they can get some more use out of her. If the audience connects with her again, then Lana becomes an asset. Unfortunately for the 30-year-old, though, if she cannot get back to the level that she was at, then she becomes a candidate to be future endeavored.

Will Lana be able to turn things around with management and keep her job in WWE?

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