December 1, 2015
Greg Vaughan Talks 'Days Of Our Lives' Departure: What Can Fans Expect As Eric Brady Leaves Salem?

Greg Vaughan is leaving Days of Our Lives, and spoilers indicate that it is going to be a heartbreaking exit. There are already rumors swirling about how the character of Eric Brady may leave Salem, and a new interview with Vaughan shares some new insight into where the show is headed. What's known so far?

The character of Eric Brady has definitely been struggling in recent months, drinking heavily in the wake of some tough times. Though Greg Vaughan had excitedly shared news some months back about a new contract with DOOL, he now reveals that it was just a short-term extension to wrap up his storyline.

Vaughan shared some Days of Our Lives spoiler scoop with Serial Scoop and he says that he finished filming already, seemingly around mid-October or so. Many DOOL fans have speculated that Eric may be involved in a drunk-driving accident that kills Daniel sometime soon. It is known that Shawn Christian is leaving Days of Our Lives soon in the role of Daniel, and teasers indicate he will be killed off in some way.

For his part, Vaughan teases that Eric's "story is creatively going somewhere spectacular in my opinion. All the pieces start slowly coming together, making a great storyline and show."

While something big seemingly is set to happen with Eric, it sounds as if fans can at least feel confident that he won't be killed off. Vaughan says that he can comfortably say that Eric's journey isn't over, but it is headed down a path that should be good for both the show and the character.

Vaughan does say that he won't confirm whether Eric dies or not, but "he will go down a path taking him off the canvas," and the actor makes note of the character's recent downward spiral. The DOOL star also mentions how Eric's issues impact many others in Salem, and he teases a bit of a Days of Our Lives spoiler that what happens in his exit will be a surprise for fans and a shocker for the character.

While DOOL fans are going to be very upset and sad to see the actor go, Vaughan says that he is happy with the opportunity he was given with this exit storyline. The actor details that those behind the scenes determined that this was the best path for the show to head down and it happened to be his character who needed to be involved to make it work.

Though some reports have indicated that Vaughan initiated his departure from DOOL, it's clear from his interview with Serial Scoop that the show drove this decision. Vaughan notes, however, that he is a big supporter of the show and he wants to see DOOL continue to succeed. He also shares that he has known the show was writing Eric out since before his previous contract expired, as the show approached him about the storyline.

Vaughan does tease a few Days of Our Lives spoilers about his last scenes, though he doesn't get too specific. He notes that he will finish airing in the role in mid-April and his final show includes Belle, Roman, Marlena, John, and Jennifer. He says that he believes it's the best work he's done since joining DOOL, and the last scene will be heartbreaking and devastating.

Given Vaughan's teases, it would seem that the buzz about Eric killing Daniel in a car accident may not be quite right, as Daniel's exit is expected to happen fairly soon. However, it seems clear that Eric's drinking does lead to something significant and devastating. Greg does note that Eric's family, Daniel, Nicole, and Brady, will all be questioning him as his drinking escalates, and there is some sort of large gathering where it all explodes.

DOOL fans are indeed very upset to hear the news that Greg Vaughan is leaving the show. The actor has now confirmed the news via Twitter by linking to his interview about the exit and he thanked his fans for all of their love and support.

While fans will have to wait a few months yet to see just how Greg Vaughan leaves the role of Eric Brady, Days of Our Lives fans can likely take a bit of solace in knowing that the door seemingly is left open for a return and that big, emotional moments are ahead. How do you think DOOL will write the character out of Salem?

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