iPhone 6s The Last Apple Phone To Have A Headphone Jack? iPhone 7 Rumors Surface

Although the Apple iPhone 6s is likely to be a popular Christmas gift this month, there comes a time when change in technology is likely. USA Today reported a rumor that, according to a Japanese blog at Macotakara, (the site isn’t translated in English), Apple may be doing away with the iPhone’s headphone jack when the iPhone 7 comes out. It appears as though this particular Japanese blog has been pretty on par with their forethought.


With Bluetooth technology becoming more and more popular, it makes sense that Apple would eliminate the jack connectors altogether. According to USA Today, a “reliable source” had come to such a conclusion. That being said, those who still have older Apple technology will probably need an adapter in order to work with the latest technology.

“Apple will be replacing the included Earpods with those that plug in through the device’s Lightning port. Users could also use Bluetooth wireless headphones, which have become increasingly more popular over the years. Those with older headphones will likely still be able to use them, though they would likely need an adapter that plugs into the Lightning port.”

If the rumors are true, the iPhone 7 may indeed wind up being thinner. According to Q13 Fox, the current iPhone 6 is 7.1 millimeters thick. The product’s shape is built around the size of the jack. By going the Bluetooth route, this will eliminate the need for such a thick phone shell.

Independent analyst and technology speaker Scott Steinberg explained the architecture regarding this set-up.

“As Apple looks to get the iPhone thinner, it makes sense that it would look at new options for connecting headphones. Apple always tends to move the industry forward. If it were any other manufacturer leading the charge, you might see much more push-back from customers.”

This isn’t the first time Apple has chosen to rid their products of certain technologies, according to CNN Money. This also happened with the Mac Book, which did away with the USB-C and Thunderbolt ports, making the laptop even thinner. Historically, Apple introduces new technologies by no longer having the previous ones. For example, back in 1998, the iMac was the first computer to not have a floppy drive, and the iPhone 5’s 30-pin connector was replaced by the lightning plug.

There are rumors of the iPhone 7 doing away with other features such as the home button. Though just a rumor at this time, it was reported by Tech Times that a patent application was submitted by Apple in regard to a “Touch ID straight to the display.”

The iPhone rumors will undoubtedly continue until Apple makes official announcements regarding the iPhone 7. Patently Apple reported that there was a patent submitted by the company Glove Touch Detection. This may allude to the ability to use touch-screen technology when wearing gloves or bandages on fingers. The Galaxy S3 Android phone had such a feature, but it wasn’t perfected.


The iPhone 7 and the Plus version are rumored to be released in the second half of 2016, according to Tech Times. This looks to be on par with Apple’s routine release dates during September, but there are other reports of the phones making their debut as early as summer of next year.

There is also a mention of Apple coming out with an iPhone 6c product as well as an iPhone 7 Mini. These are said to be catered to those who aren’t wanting to “Keep up with the Joneses.”

The pricing for the future iPhone 7 is not currently known, but it likely won’t be cheap. The current Apple iPhone 6s is set at $649.

[Photo by Cole Bennetts/Getty Images News]