Jenelle Evans Is No Longer On ‘Talking Terms’ With Ex-Fiance Nathan Griffith: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Couple Shares One Son

Jenelle Evans and her former fiancé, Nathan Griffith, are no longer in contact. Although the Teen Mom 2 couple share a child together, their 1-year-old son Kaiser, Jenelle Evans said in a new interview, via Us Weekly on November 30, that she has begun doing her “own thing” in the months since their breakup.

“Me and Nathan, we’re not really on talking terms,” Jenelle Evans explained during an appearance on the podcast series GlamMir. “I moved away and ever since then I’ve just been doing my own thing.”

Jenelle Evans, 23, began dating Griffith in June 2013 after splitting from her former husband, Courtland Rogers. Within weeks, the couple was living together and planning a family. One year later, in June 2014, their son arrived. As fans saw on Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans and Griffith were doing well for a while, and in January of this year, during a filmed trip to St. Thomas, they got engaged. Sadly, however, they began feuding just days later, and throughout this year, they were involved in a couple of heated disputes that resulted in arrests being made.

In March, as fans saw on Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans’ former fiance was arrested at their South Carolina home after she claimed he assaulted her. Weeks later, Evans was forced to turn herself in after allegedly assaulting Griffith (charges were ultimately dropped against both parties).

Now, months after the couple called off their troubled relationship over the summer, Jenelle Evans claims her ex has been harassing her, calling her regularly, and leaving nasty voice mails. In addition, Jenelle Evans claimed, Griffith recently took their son out of state, and in turn, she has banned him from seeing Kaiser.

“I said, ‘If you want to see Kaiser bad enough, you can take me to court for visitation because I don’t trust you.’ He hasn’t filed papers, he hasn’t done anything. It’s been a month or two since he’s seen him.”

As she awaits a potential custody battle over her son, Jenelle Evans has embarked on a new relationship with David Eason, whom she met on Tinder. So far, everything has been perfect.

“I haven’t been this happy in a while,” Jenelle Evans explained. “We really have not had one argument at all. He really knows how to handle me when I get in my moods, when I’m irritable or have anxiety.”

As her interview continued, Jenelle Evans revealed that she was suffering from general anxiety and panic disorders, adding that her doctor told her she may be also suffering from PTSD from her previous relationships, many of which have been painful.

“I don’t get to know people before I date them,” Jenelle Evans admitted. “And I just jump into the relationship. With David we talked for two months before I even met him.”

Also during the interview, Jenelle Evans spoke of using lip fillers from Dr. Tabasum Mir, who hosts GlamMir. According to the reality star and mother of two (Jenelle Evans also has a 6-year-old son, Jace, from a previous relationship), she’s always been self-conscious of her thin lips, so she made the decision to get fillers. While she has faced a few mean comments, she doesn’t mind her critics.

“It’s not permanent, so it doesn’t matter what people say about my lips, even if I got them done, because they can go back to normal,” Jenelle Evans explained.

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