Katy Perry Cried When She Split With Russell Brand, Won’t Say Why

Singer Katy Perry is usually upbeat, but the pop star admits going through a dark spot when she split with British comedian Russell Brand.

The pair married and divorced a little more than a year later, and Katy Perry’s song “Part of Me” — including the lyrics, “you can keep the diamond ring,It don’t mean nothing anyway… in fact, you can keep everything, except for me” — was widely speculated to be a jab at Brand after the split.

Perry has opened up about the divorce and the effect it had on her, saying in a recent interview that she had shed tears over the breakup, but that the show still had to go on. Katy describes working during the harder parts of the split:

“There were times when what was going on in my personal life was so overwhelming that I had to bend over to let those tears fall straight out of my eyes and not my false lashes just as I’m about to go up on that ramp and sing ‘Teenage Dream.’”

Of her music and its relationship to her real life, Katy Perry says that she tries to keep it as true as possible — but that no one really knows what went on during any relationship except the two people in it:

“Like how I write my songs, honesty has always worked for me. So if it ain’t broke, why f—ing fix it? …nobody knows what really happened except the two people who are in it.”

Katy Perry’s tell-all interview with The Hollywood Reporter comes just ahead of the release of her movie Katy Perry: Part of Me, due out in cinemas on July 5th.