WWE News: WWE Says Stone Cold Steve Austin Is Retired

Jon Fisher

Everyone wants Stone Cold Steve Austin to return for one more match in the WWE. In most people's opinion, the WWE lost their chance to bring Stone Cold back when CM Punk was the hottest wrestler in the company during his famous run. After Punk left the WWE, so did Stone Cold's potential for a return match. The old adage in the business is, "Never say never." Well, perhaps Stone Cold is saying "never" and meaning it.

Shawn Michaels is another guy that the WWE fans want to see back in a ring. Health-wise, the Heartbreak Kid has the ability to wrestle. He wouldn't be able to pull off the same moves he could in 2009, but the ability to make the WWE Universe stand up on their feet will never leave. Michaels doesn't have the drive to put on the boots again. Michaels doesn't need to.

Austin's wrestling career ended abruptly with the injuries he sustained throughout his career. The WWE Universe wants to see the Texas Rattlesnake back in a WWE ring to compete. Despite mentioning that his wrestling career is over multiple times, the WWE was the most-recent one to denounce Austin's wrestling comeback.

According to Ringside News, the WWE's website said that Stone Cold Steve Austin is retired.

"One of the notable mentions in the piece was "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, which listed his last match at WrestleMania 19 against The Rock. At the time the match was not his retirement match, however it has turned out to be Austin's final match."

"It's been documented over the past several years that Austin would consider a one-time return to the ring, but it has not materialized."

"It's been documented over the past several years that Austin would consider a one-time return to the ring, but it has not materialized."

"I think I've left everything I've got in the ring. There's no reason to go back in the ring and prove anything. I had to ride off into the sunset a little bit earlier than I'd have liked. But that final match I had at WrestleMania [19] with The Rock was my last match."

When Punk was on top, Austin was always in the back of the WWE's mind. He was the hottest star since Austin and was able to connect with the fans on a whole-new level. He was the anti-hero everybody loved to watch and root for. The day he defeated John Cena for the WWE championship in 2011, the WWE Universe exploded with jubilance.

Despite the Texas Rattlesnake staying retired from in-ring action, he can always contribute in a non-wrestling capacity. His Stone Cold Podcast is just one thing that helps a WWE superstar get over, or carry on a feud. For example, Paul Heyman's appearance on the show helped build Brock Lesnar and even teased a match between Austin and Lesnar.

Nothing was going to happen, but it gave WWE fans a reason to tune in. The WWE Universe shouldn't expect Austin to wrestle again, but an on-screen role is never out of the question.

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