Kailyn Lowry Still Worried About Mental Illness: Is She Getting Treatment?

Kailyn Lowry recently went on The Doctors to discuss her bipolar situation. It is no secret that Lowry has struggled with a mental illness throughout the years she has filmed Teen Mom. Lowry revealed on The Doctors that she had been misdiagnosed. She had originally been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but it turns out to be a wrong diagnosis for the young mother.

Kailyn Lowry revealed that she had gone for a second opinion, and Dr. Shahla Modir revealed that she had indeed been misdiagnosed. Lowry simply didn’t have the symptoms associated with a bipolar diagnosis. Instead, she was simply diagnosed as Bipolar Unspecified. This makes sense to Kailyn, who is thrilled with her new diagnosis.

According to a new Radar Online report, Kailyn Lowry is now revealing that she is very happy with the new diagnosis. And the doctor who re-diagnosed her is now speaking out about the case.

“She was having some mood swings and irritable, but she didn’t actually meet the technical criteria for having a hypomanic episode,” Dr. Shahla Modir said, adding, “So to have a diagnosis of Bipolar 2, you have to have had one depressive episode and then you need to have symptoms like an inflated grandiose mood, increased activity levels, increased energy, plus three or more symptoms from the main bipolar criteria from at least four days. In our case, Kail didn’t meet that criteria.”

Lowry has said before that she thought she may be bipolar because of her mother. It is no secret that there is some family history that influenced her decision to get diagnosed. Despite having the change in diagnosis, Lowry is still doing whatever she can to prevent a full-blown bipolar diagnosis.

“‘Unspecified’ is basically that she doesn’t have bipolar disorder,” a friend has revealed, adding, “She just has the potential — based on family history and personality traits she has — to develop it. Bipolar 2 is bipolar disorder.”

Kailyn Lowry will have to do routine visits with a therapist to ensure that she remains where she’s at. She currently does have some symptoms that could change, and that’s what they want to prevent. At this point in time, Lowry doesn’t know what will be involved with her diagnosis, but she does want to take some precautions. It is also possible that she will do what she can to avoid passing too much on to her sons. Maybe they will be better off if her condition doesn’t morph into a full bipolar diagnosis.

“She doesn’t have bipolar so she doesn’t need them and she’s not treating anything,” the pal said, adding, “She is doing everything the psychiatrist said: She is trying to be healthy as possible and get enough sleep.”

Kailyn herself revealed that she feels good about this new diagnosis. She can now focus on her business ventures, her family, and her schooling. Plus, Lowry recently bonded with her sister, Mikaila. The two got together over Thanksgiving, and they ended up with matching tattoos, according to In Touch. Lowry shared the news on Instagram. The two sisters got two different tattoos. One reads, “Together forever never apart,” while the other says, “Maybe in distance but never in [heart],” along with the other’s initials.

It sounds like they want to continue to build their relationship even though they haven’t had the best relationship with one another. Her sister hasn’t really been a part of Teen Mom, but it sounds like things could soon change for these two, as the tattoo could show a commitment to remain in touch.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry’s diagnosis? Are you surprised that she continues to get treatment so her condition won’t morph into a full-blown bipolar diagnosis?

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