Josh Duggar Will Renew Wedding Vows & More To Keep Anna As She Stars In Duggars’ New Show For Money? [Video]

Anna Duggar continues to play the role of embattled wife to scandal-burned Josh Duggar. Following the publicity over Josh’s molestation of several underage girls (two of his sisters, Jill and Jessa Duggar, have self-identified as being among his victims), Anna stood by her man. Then came the hacking of the Ashley Madison website, which revealed that Josh had paid for accounts to engage in extramarital affairs, followed by his confession that he had cheated on Anna and was addicted to porn. While Duggar has since entered rehab to be treated for sex addiction, Anna has since increasingly been in the spotlight, most recently as Josh got hit with a lawsuit from an adult film star who claimed that Duggar had assaulted her during consensual sex, as the Inquisitr reported.

The adult film actress who alleges that Duggar assaulted her twice during what is described as extremely rough sex that injured her physically and emotionally is Danica Dillon (real name Ashley Stamm-Northup). She described how Josh came up to her at a strip club in Philadelphia. Duggar gave her $600 for lap dances and then propositioned her with an offer of $1,500 for intimate relations at a hotel.

But the consensual sex act turned into a physical assault that caused a variety of injuries, according to the adult film star. Dillon also recounts how Josh went to a strip club where she was performing. He attempted to express his regret but then assaulted her again. As a result of those acts of violence, Danica wants $500,000 in damages from Duggar.

Josh Duggar can no longer hide within the Duggar family to escape the scandals.
Josh Duggar can no longer hide within the Duggar family to escape the scandals. (Image via Duggar Family Facebook)

That leaves the question of how Josh can pay for legal representation and, depending on the outcome of the case, costs. Most recently, TLC announced plans for a new show after cancelling 19 Kids and Counting. And as the latest clip showed, Anna Duggar’s heartbreak and the family’s reaction to Josh Duggar’s scandals seem to have taken center stage, with Anna agreeing to appear on the show due to the family’s financial woes, according to SheKnows.

Watch below.

The new Duggar show, although entitled Jill & Jessa: Counting On, gives Anna the chance to reveal her tragedy. But according to reports, Anna is doing so because she’s forced to earn the money that would result.

Although Josh’s wife rejected a bribe from Jim Bob for a new house if she would remain with her husband after rehab, Anna has stayed in Duggarville thus far rather than exit her marriage, and financial worries for herself and her children may be the primary reason.

Now new reports are emerging that Josh is so determined to prevent Anna from leaving him that he wants to renew their wedding vows after rehab, a source told Hollywood Life.

Both 27, Anna and Josh have gotten to the point where their relationship is at the breaking point following his scandals. But the insider said that Duggar hopes he can dissuade her from leaving him with a fancy ceremony.

“[Josh] wants to have an elaborate ceremony as soon as he gets out of rehab,” that source told Hollywood Life. “[After Josh completes his program, he wants to] make it a really special occasion for Anna.”

Josh Duggar used the Ashley Madison site to cheat on wife Anna Duggar.
Josh Duggar used the Ashley Madison site to cheat on wife Anna Duggar. [Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images]

Josh is so frantic to hold onto Anna that he’s even told her he’ll have yet another child after he learned that she was contemplating divorcing him.

“He is not convinced she will stay if he can persuade her… to have another child together,” a source told Hollywood Life. “They were meant to have another baby [Josh told Anna].”

But does Anna want that ceremony and another baby, and would it be enough to persuade her to stay after the multiple scandals, from molesting his sisters to using the Ashley Madison site to cheat on her? That’s the question to which Anna alone has the answer — and she has not yet revealed whether she will stay with Josh. However, the issue of how she would support herself if she left Duggarville remains a concern, which is one reason she may have decided to appear on the new Duggar family show, Counting On.

One area where Duggar and Anna are apparently saving money is in babysitting, thanks to Jana “Cinderella” Duggar, reported Radar Online.

Jana is now 25, and when it comes to those 19 Kids and Counting, she is the only daughter older than 21 who still is not married and has no children. That leaves Jana in the role of “Cinderella,” given tasks such as taking care of Anna’s and Josh’s baby girl Meredith.

However, it was social media-aware Jessa Duggar Seewald, 23, who took on the task of displaying a video showing Jana in the role of babysitter while the family crooned Christmas songs. Jessa is the proud new mom of baby Spurgeon.

The video also reveals that the Duggar family may be training 18-year-old Joy-Anna Duggar in the role of a Cinderella apprentice because she is holding weeping little Spurgeon as the rest of the group happily carols.

“Beautiful singing! I could listen to this all night!” posted Jessa. “And my little man is telling me he’s ready to eat again.”

But while Jessa is busy with social media and prepping for her new show, Jana often takes on babysitting and other responsibilities. She did not go to college, and instead sews, cooks, and home-schools the younger children.

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar give Jana role of "Cinderella?"
Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar give Jana role of "Cinderella?" [Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images]

“It’s absolutely ridiculous how much the family makes Jana and the older siblings do,” an insider shared with Radar. “Jim Bob and Michelle have totally transitioned a lot of their parental responsibilities onto her.”

When Jana at one point sought to move out, patriarch Jim Bob vetoed it. That leaves Jana picking up the pieces of the lives Josh shattered with the molestation, cheating, and related scandals.

[Image via Duggar Family Facebook]