‘Batman V Superman’ Sneak Peek: The One Spoiler You Missed That Changes The Whole Thing

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice won’t hit theater screens until March of 2016, but Warner Bros. is ramping up the hype train for the movie that will introduce fans to the DC Comics cinematic universe. Previews, snippets, and trailers have been on the Internet for a while now, but Monday marked the longest glimpse of any one Dawn of Justice scene that fans have gotten to date, and it’s looking like the showdown between Batman and Superman will be as dark as Dawn of Justice‘s previous glimpses have led us to believe. There’s just one thing you might want to know about that trailer, though.

The new Batman v Superman clip debuted Monday night (h/t: Newsarama) during the latest episode of Fox’s Batman prequel show, Gotham. In it, we see Batman held captive by militarized devotees of the Man of Steel. Somehow, the Dark Knight has gotten himself captured, and from the look of the angry Superman that shows up it’s not going to turn out too well for Batman and his fellow captives.

We’re not given much else in the way of context for this most recent Batman v Superman sneak peek, but the scene looks like it follows closely after one snippet from the Dawn of Justice trailer that released earlier this year. Around the 2:39 mark of the previous Batman v Superman trailer released over the summer, we get shots of Batman taking on armed Superman zealots and being overwhelmed. The color scheme is the same between the shots from the trailer and the Monday night’s sneak peek, as is Batman’s rugged gear, so it’s safe to assume they’re from the same scene. It looks like the Superman ultra-fanboys get the jump on Batman and string him up for Superman to deal with later.

Things are looking pretty grim for Batman in the shot, being that Superman unmasks him and all, but fans probably shouldn’t be worried. That’s because, even though this happens on screen, it probably doesn’t actually happen in the movie at all.

“I’m going to have to destroy him.” #BatmanvSuperman pic.twitter.com/v0T9vfGlfY

— Harley Quenya♦️피곤한 (@LegolasQuinn) December 1, 2015

To see why, you’d have to take a look at the merchandising that’s already begun to leak out ahead of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice‘s release. While the toys themselves won’t be available until just before Dawn of Justice hits theaters, we already know what some of them are called, and the name for the Batman toy that shows him in the gear we see in this clip should have Batman fans breathing a sigh of relief.

The toy, featuring the same ragged overcoat and Batman gear from the clip, is called “Knightmare Batman.” The name alone should make it plain to see: the vision of Batman and Superman we see in the clip is part of a dream sequence, likely one that convinces Batman that he has to take down Superman.

Even more evidence can be found at the 2:39 mark of the Dawn of Justice trailer. That shot sees Batman emerging from a bunker in what looks to be a depleted wasteland, just the sort of place that would be left if Superman were to decide to turn on the human race.

In this most recent sneak peek, we’re getting a glimpse of Batman’s worst case scenario with regard to Superman. Don’t worry: Superman doesn’t go evil in Dawn of Justice, or at least not outside of Batman’s imagination.

That’s not to say there won’t be an epic throwdown between the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel. It’s called Batman v Superman, after all. Already, the movie’s fight choreographer has promised a massive fight between the two comic book titans, and he says that Zack Snyder’s take on Batman’s fighting style is going to be full of visual spectacle. Of course, Batman and Superman are likely to come together somehow against a common foe – how else would this be the “Dawn” of the Justice League, after all? – and the rumor mill is churning at top speed with guesses as to what exactly can bring Batman and Superman together.

There’s still quite a while to wait until Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters and kicks off the DC Cinematic Universe, but anxious fans can catch another glimpse of Batman v Superman on December 2, when yet another trailer will debut on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]