Michael Jackson Death Doc Getting Better Jail Treatment After Complaining

Complaining still pays off. Dr. Conrad Murray, the “Michael Jackson Doc” is now receiving better treatment in jail after his public cry for help. Among other things, the good doctor said that a brain tumor was killing him.

Dr. Murray had previously requested he be moved to a different jail (and actually a tougher jail) when he suggested that the conditions in Los Angeles County were a threat to his health. The 59-year-old said that in County, he only got clean air once a month and was wearing last Tuesday’s underwear. According to The Sun, he also alleged that he had a brain tumor that was slowly killing him, and that County conditions were making it worse. “The system’s intent on killing me,” he said.

Well now it seems that all of his whining paid off. Murray is now getting himself a clean orange jumpsuit and a fresh pair of undies after lodging his complaints against County. TMZ reports that Murray saw immediate results after his tirade, telling his lawyers that a phalanx of deputies went to his cell Monday morning and apparently gave him turn-down service.

They also took him to the roof for a breath of fresh air.

The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department is now saying that Murray is getting some attention for his headache, as well. He was apparently evaluated by a doctor last week.

His lawyers have said that while his conditions have improved, they “still characterize his living conditions as horrendous.” But Michael Jackson’s former doc couldn’t be happier. Sources say that “his spirits are much improved.”

Do you think that Murray’s brain tumor magically cleared up as well? Sound off below!

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