R. Kelly Announces 40 More Chapters Of ‘Trapped In The Closet’

R. Kelly has gained a lot of fans during the years for the rap soap opera Trapped In The Closet. These fans should be excited to know that there will be an addition 40 chapters added to Kelly’s 33 chapters.

According to Independent, R Kelly has announced that there are 40 more chapters in store for the popular rap soap opera. Trapped in The Closet has been running between 2005-2012, released after Kelly’s TP.3 Reloaded album, the 133-minute series featured the gradually unfolding tale of Sylvester (R. Kelly). The story descends into a web of lies, sex, and deceit. Over the years, it has gathered a huge fan base that is completely fascinated by Kelly’ story line.

Kelly’s Trapped In The Closet has many elements that keeps the fan engaged in the story line. Kelly’s story brings to the audience corrupt cops, strippers, dwarf and cheating wives. It has since been coined a “hip hopera” and so far is the only one of its kind. The popularity of the series is due to each closing chapter’s cliffhanger lines, just like what is seen in the first chapter, when Sylvester (Kelly) is discovered in the closet as he has his gun ready. All subsequent chapters end on similar cliffhanger.

Kelly’s Trapped In The Closet has been rooted into popular culture as there are many parodies that have been created off its style. One of the most popular parodies has been done by Weird Al, the King of Parodies. Weird Al’s parody was entitled Trapped In The Drive-Thru and uses the same cliffhanger style at the end of each verse.

The last of the 33 chapters saw Sylvester (Kelly) and Twan crashing the set of a talk show, similar to Jerry Springer, to escape a gang of mobsters. This left Kelly’s fans waiting to see what would happen next. It has been three years since Kelly’s last chapter has been released, fans should be happy that the wait is almost over. R. Kelly states that 40 chapters have already been written and recorded, all that is left is for them to be filmed and released. The next 40 chapters should see a featured appearance from all characters that have already been in the series.

R. Kelly has an upcoming release of his latest album Buffet set to be released December 11, which will make for Kelly’s 13th studio album. Kelly currently has over 40 million records sold with his previous 12 albums and will see that overall number increase. Kelly states that this album is made to appeal to all generations of his fans, hence the given name Buffet.

Kelly has been working hard on this album for the last two years, Kelly was at his studio day and night. Whenever his was on a marathon session some nights would have him falling asleep in his chair. R. Kelly has a very emotional moment in this album as he does a duet with his once estranged daughter on “Be There.”

“It was very emotional for both of us, you know. At first, she was a little uncomfortable, but I was telling her how she could touch the hearts of a lot of girls out there that haven’t seen their fathers. We can touch a lot of daughters and fathers, and mothers. ‘Cause [there’s] a lot of women that haven’t seen their fathers, a lot of fathers that haven’t been able to be around their kids like they want to be.”

R. Kelly has a lot in store for his fans with his upcoming album and the long awaited release of the additional chapters of Trapped In the Closet.

[Image by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images]