‘The Good Wife’: Jeffrey Dean Morgan Reveals More About Alicia And Jason’s Flirt-mance

Fans who have watched The Good Wife since the beginning know the lawyer Alicia Florrick’s romances — Will Gardner for many years being the most significant — are an important part of what keeps the show new and fresh. This season, Alicia has founded her own law firm out of necessity with Lucca Quinn and hired investigator Jason Crouse, played by the charismatic Grey’s Anatomy alum Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Although the show has hinted that some non-business activities might be in order for Alicia and Jason, it’s yet to come together. Turns out, it may be now or never, given the uncertain future of The Good Wife and Morgan’s own career plans. That didn’t stop Morgan from pointing at a possible Alicia-Jason union in an interview with TV Guide.

Morgan said that, for him as an actor, extra-curricular motivations are always in the background of his character’s interactions with Alicia.

“I play every scene like there’s something else happening as far as his feelings toward Alicia. I think that whenever he’s around her, he is disarmed by the feelings he has too. He’s very well aware he’s attracted to her and I think the disarming is an equal thing.”

But even if fans would like to see Alicia finally get into a romance that sticks — Vanity Fair noted she’s had a long list of failed relationships and friendships including Gardner, Finn Polmar, Kalinda Sharma, and Jonathan Elfman — most of it may have to exist in the audience’s imagination. Rumors are that the current season of The Good Wife, season 7, will be the show’s last.

In addition Morgan just got a plum role on The Walking Dead, which will start next season, according to Deadline. Morgan’s contract with The Good Wife is for this season only, but he told TV Guide he might be willing to keep up the flirtmance with Julianna Margulies a little longer.

“I am certainly open to [staying]. We’ll see if there’s a Season 8. Right now, there isn’t yet. I don’t know what the end of Jason is. I don’t know when that’s going to stop. Right now, I’m not even taking it into consideration that this run is over for him…. I don’t see Jason going anywhere in the foreseeable future, so I think the ‘Good Wife’ fans can look forward to him hanging out for a bit longer and we’ll try to answer some questions along the way about where Jason and Alicia are going.”

If Morgan seems enthusiastic about The Good Wife now, he had to do a bit of research when he was first approached about playing the role of Crouse. As he told E! Online when his casting was first announced, he’d never seen The Good Wife until the job came up. He and Margulies were already friends and his mother was a diehard fan of the show. But he had to brush up on the plotlines by going back to season 5. He said he was only going to watch a few episodes, but ended up watching the entire season.

He also joked that his characters on other shows — Grey’s Anatomy’s Denny Duquette among them — tend to die. TV Guide said that could be his “exit strategy” for leaving The Good Wife, even if it would leave Alicia Florrick with yet another tragedy.

The Good Wife airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. on CBS.

[Main photo by Ethan Millar/Getty Images Entertainment]