‘Gremlins 3’ Is Happening, But It Won’t Be A Remake And Zach Galligan Wants In — What About Gizmo?

The last time the creepy creatures from Gremlins were seen on the big screen was back in 1990, and there have been rumors ever since that a third film would be coming. Well, star Zach Galligan has gone public and said that Gremlins 3 is still happening, and it’s going to be a sequel and not a remake. Oh yeah, and he wants to be in it.

Entertainment Weekly reported that the 51-year-old Galligan, who played Billy Peltzer in the first two movies, was in London this week for a screening of the 1984 original Gremlins. Not only was there a screening, but he did a Q&A session as well, and of course, questions of a remake or third film came about.

“It’s not going to be a reboot. It will not be a remake in any way, shape, or form.”

That not only sounds like details about a Gremlins 3, but also a true confirmation that it would be happening.

Chris Columbus, who wrote the script for the first film but wasn’t involved in the making of Gremlins 2: The New Batch, has said that he would serve as producer on Gremlins 3. He actually talked to SlashFilm back in April about it, and confirmed that the movie is indeed going to be made.

“I am involved. Initially I remember back in ’84-’85 when they approached me and said, do you wanna write the sequel and I said, this is before the obsession with franchises. So my feeling was no. We’ve told the story, that was that’s 1980’s thinking. And then suddenly all these years later, we were approached with an idea that really sounded like an interesting version. It’s not a remake of the movie at all. It’s a, it’s just a reinvention of it.”

That’s good and all, but what will Gremlins 3 be about?

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Gremlins introduced the world to the Peltzer family and Billy’s adorable new pet, a Mogwai named Gizmo. It was in that movie that we learned how dangerous a Mogwai could be, but not in the form that Gizmo was.

gremlins 3 gizmo
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If you didn’t follow three specific rules, then there would be trouble with the Mogwai, and that is where the Gremlins ended up coming from. For those not familiar with the rules, they’re quite simple and easy to follow.

  1. Don’t get them wet.
  2. Don’t expose them to sunlight.
  3. Don’t ever feed them after midnight.

As expected, those rules weren’t necessarily followed too close and it caused chaos to ensue.

In 1990’s Gremlins 2: The New Batch, Billy has a job in huge technologically advanced building in New York City and ends up getting into trouble again with the Gremlins. Unfortunately, Gizmo ends up bringing a lot of trouble with him wherever he goes even though he is overly cute and innocent.

Now, there has been a lot of talk and a number of rumors of old ’80s films either being remade or coming back for a sequel. Lethal Weapon is going to be remade as a TV series, and talk of a true sequel to The Goonies has been going on, but still nothing has begun.

Zach Galligan swears that Gremlins 3 is going to happen though, and it’s going to be a sequel, not a remake at all. He actually compares the franchise going forward to what was done with Jurassic World.

“Chris Columbus has come out and said that the first film is very near and dear to his heart and as long as he is alive it will never be remade. So the only thing they will be, and apparently are going to be doing, is something along the lines of like Jurassic World, where it will be 30 years later.”

Galligan doesn’t know if he will be in it, but he’s truly hoping that he gets the chance to be. He thinks there is at least a “decent chance” since he’s one of the few people still standing after the first movie.

That kind of makes it seem like they will be ignoring Gremlins 2 going forward too. Galligan went on to say that “all of the things and events that happened in the first one will be referred to.” Look for some old characters to show up as well.

Gremlins 3 is going to be happening, and it will indeed be a sequel, not a remake or reboot. No one quite knows when it will happen or how it will begin, but Zach Galligan and Chris Columbus are on board, and expect Gizmo back too.

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