All The Details On The Return Of ‘Dexter’ To Showtime — What Are They?

Fans around the world wants the hit series Dexter to return to Showtime and have Michael C. Hall take back over the role of your friendly neighborhood serial killer. Talk has started going around that the bloody series, which ended its eight-season run in 2013, will soon be making a comeback and bringing its popular characters with it. Fans want to know the details around Dexter‘s return though, so — what are they?

All of the hubbub about a Dexter return to Showtime began on Thanksgiving Day when the official Twitter for the series came to life.

There is always someone posting on that Twitter account even though the series officially ended over two years ago now. Still, that particular Thanksgiving wish saying “his knife’s freshly sharpened” had everyone going on and on about it.

This Thanksgiving tweet added to the report from Screen Crush back in August that had Showtime head David Nevins comment at the TCA press tour panel. As usual, the Dexter question came up as it always does, and Nevins actually gave forth a threat.

“‘Dexter’ is the one show that I would think about [continuing]. It’s a question of when the timing is right. If there’s a willingness to do it, I would certainly listen. Certainly I’d look at ‘Dexter.'”

He did continue on and say that it would have to include Michael C. Hall (Dexter) and that’s the only way it could take place. Nevins said he would want to do Dexter “in a new concept and configuration” if it were to be done at all.

Nevins would want it to feel different and “not just be a continuation of the old show.” Many fans may take exception to that and think it would ruin the namesake of the show and the history it has if it’s different.

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Now, all of this talk about Dexter‘s return to Showtime and no one is talking about when it will officially come back, when it will air, and who will star in it. Well, there’s a great big reason for all of that not being made public just yet.

None of that information even exists, because as of now, Dexter isn’t making a return.

As Snopes pointed out, Dexter isn’t actually returning as some have said. It’s just something that a lot of people are praying for and getting their hopes up for. A return of Dexter would make people so happy and have them ready to sit home on whatever night it would be airing on.

Except, it’s still just a bunch of talk right now.

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In the past couple of years, there have been a lot of big time shows returning from the cobwebs. The X-Files and Prison Break are on the way, while Twin Peaks is on again and then off again. Full House is getting the sequel series treatment with Fuller House coming exclusively to Netflix.

Back in 2014, a spin-off series for Dexter was rumored and reportedly discussed, but nothing ever ended up coming from it.

It’s no surprise that Dexter was successful and a true gem for Showtime as it has a huge cult following and always had great ratings. For the series finale in September of 2013, it drew a Showtime-record of 2.8 million viewers. What network wouldn’t want that?

Dexter is a show that millions of fans want to see return to Showtime, but is it coming back? What are the details on its return? Those are two questions that many want to be answered, but they can’t be just yet because the information just doesn’t exist — yet.

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