Jared Leto Gifts His Neighbors With Pies After Halloween Nightmare: At Least He Didn’t Send Them Rats Or Human Ears

Jared Leto recently found out that getting your neighbors to forgive you for being a noisy nuisance is as easy as pie — after you throw a huge party, just wait a few weeks before you surprise them with seasonal tasty treats.

The Suicide Squad star annoyed his fellow Laurel Canyon residents last month when he threw a huge Halloween party at his not-so-humble abode. According to TMZ, Jared Leto’s neighbors complained about his party guests driving recklessly and parking wherever they could find spots to squeeze their vehicles. One of Jared Leto’s irritated neighbors decided to attack the actor and his guests in a rather passive-aggressive manner — the Laurel Canyon resident complained about their party etiquette on the neighborhood’s Facebook page.

“Perhaps you could educate all the people coming to your place the proper etiquette of driving uphill/downhill so as to not wreak havoc… your guests should respect the residents and not park on the wrong side!” Leto’s neighbor wrote.

No one ever called the cops on Jared Leto or his guests, but apparently the actor took notice of his neighbors’ annoyance. According to TMZ, Leto recently tried using the power of pie to get his fellow Laurel Canyon residents to forgive him for having a little too much fun on Halloween.

On Thanksgiving, Leto reportedly bought a bunch of pumpkin pies from Whole Foods and handed them out to his neighbors as a peace offering. Evidently, the actor was unaware that the pre-packaged fall dessert of the moment is actually Patti LaBelle’s sweet potato pie, which is sold exclusively at Walmart.

Jared wrote “Happy Thanksgiving! From: Your Neighbor, Jared Leto” on each boxed pumpkin pie before they were delivered to his neighbors. There’s no word on whether the pies were enough to make all of his neighbors forgive him for the minor inconveniences that his Halloween party caused weeks ago, but Craig Brockie appreciated his.

Jared Leto’s neighbors should be relieved that the eccentric star didn’t decide to get more creative when he chose their Thanksgiving presents. Shortly after Leto was cast as the Joker in the Suicide Squad movie, the extreme method actor let his costars know exactly what kind of wild ride they were in for by sending them the type of grotesque gifts that the Joker would pick out for his closest pals.

According to E! News, Leto presented Harley Quinn actress Margot Robbie with a live rat. The rodent was in a black box, and it came with a “nice love letter.” Slipknot actor Adam Beach revealed that Jared Leto sent the entire Suicide Squad cast a “dead hog,” and he gifted Deadshot actor Will Smith with some bullets.

Margot Robbie ultimately decided that she didn’t want to keep Splinter the rat, so the lucky little guy was renamed Venustiano and re-homed with Crimson Peak director Guillermo del Toro. The rodent got to kiss Cara Delevingne before heading off on his next big Hollywood adventure.

Jared Leto might be an expert at choosing odd gifts, but he probably won’t ever be able to top the strange present that a deranged fan sent him a few years ago. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the 30 Seconds to Mars singer received a severed ear in the mail. Leto proved that he was a Joker in the making by putting it on a piece of string and wearing it around his neck.

“Someone cut their ear off once and sent it to me,” Leto said during a 2013 interview with U.K. radio station Xfm. “That was very strange. A whole ear. The Van Gogh move. The note just said, ‘Are you listening?’ I never knew who it was, who’s missing their ear out there.”

This might make it sound like there’s a real-life Harley Quinn out there who is willing to do terrible things for her Mr. J, but there’s a higher likelihood that Jared Leto was just joking around — some internet sleuths later claimed that the ear was just a prop. Is it possible that Jared Leto was prepping for his Joker role all those years ago by trying to fool his fans with that gruesome gag?

[Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Leisure Opportunities]