Is Luke Hemmings From 5SOS Dating Alec Baldwin’s Niece? Hailey Baldwin Addresses Rumors

Rumors have been circulating that Luke Hemmings from 5 Seconds of Summer is cheating on his girlfriend with the niece of actor Alec Baldwin. Hailey Baldwin has taken to Twitter to clear up the confusion.

According to Just Jared, on November 27 the 18-year-old model outwardly denied that she and Luke Hemmings ever went on a date and asked that people stop assuming the two were involved romantically.

“I never went on a date with [Luke Hemmings] from 5 seconds of summer,” said Hailey Baldwin. “So if everyone wants to chill that’d be dope.”

Hailey Baldwin (Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images for MTV)

The whispers about Hailey and Luke had heated up so much that she was essentially forced to respond. However, the tweet about Luke Hemmings mysteriously disappeared shortly after Baldwin published it, which has left fans wondering if there’s still something Hailey isn’t revealing.

Luke Hemmings rumor
Baldwin's tweet, courtesy of Twitter.

According to Gossip Cop, the rumors about Luke Hemmings and Hailey Baldwin began when the lead singer was seen hanging out with the model in public. But Luke Hemmings is reportedly involved with Instagram star Arzaylea, which provoked speculation that Hailey Baldwin may have been “the other woman.”

There were also rumors that Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea had split up, but Hollywood Take reported that the 5SOS singer was seen with Arzaylea only days before Hailey Baldwin addressed the rumors. However, the two stars were not spotted showing any signs of affection.

Denying the Luke Hemmings rumors is not even the first time Baldwin has had to use Twitter to dispel speculations about her and other major pop stars. She also made public denials that she and Justin Bieber were “more than just friends,” and denied claims that she was somehow involved with rapper Chris Brown.

Because of all the rumor-clearing Hailey Baldwin has to do, it’s possible that she removed the tweet about Luke Hemmings to simply keep her Twitter feed from overflowing with gossip. But that hasn’t kept fans of 5SOS from accusing her of enabling Luke Hemmings to cheat on his main squeeze.

Hemmings live
Luke Hemmings (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Vevo)

Regardless of her denial, the Daily Mail published photo proof that Alec Baldwin’s niece was, at the very least, spending time with Luke Hemmings. They were spotted together leaving the Cipriani Restaurant in New York on Wednesday, although they were also never seen making any public displays of affection.

Hollywood Take also reported that Arzaylea called security on a fan who simply wanted to take a photo with Luke Hemmings, serving to further turn 5 Seconds of Summer fans against Luke’s girlfriend. Twitter user @_lukesbigbanana detailed the story in a post.

“As I got my camera up this security guard out of know where pulled me away from him and was like you need to leave and leave him alone we don’t want people knowing he is here, and as I looked back he was already standing with arzaylea and she gave me a dirty look. Then as I got into [the concert] I looked to my right and seen arzaylea walking my way and as I made eye contact with her she literally looked me up and down and laughed at me and rolled her eyes and looked away making a disgusted face so then I felt ever worse. Long story short arzaylea is a b**** I literally did nothing to her. F*** her. “

Do you think Hailey Baldwin ever went on a date with Luke Hemmings?

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[Luke Hemmings photo by Mike Coppola; Hailey Baldwin photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]