'Iron Man 4' Release Date Happening? Robert Downey, Jr. Hints At Film On 'Ellen'

The Iron Man 4 release date hasn't been set, but the film could be among the mystery movies added to the Marvel Cinematic Universe a few years from now. The speculation has arisen due to Robert Downey, Jr.'s answer to a question posed by TV host and comedienne Ellen Degeneres.

The biggest reason Downey might not be reprising his role could be due to his demand for more pay. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Robert has been in negotiations over what he wants if he ever does another solo film for the franchise.

Realty Today has revealed that RDJ's negotiations are due to the success of having made three films as the star already, as well as other appearances with the team. This is more starring roles than most other members of the Avengers, equaling Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), though Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) has been in more films in the franchise than Tony Stark (Robert) has. There has been talk about possibly recasting RDJ for the Iron Man 4 release date, since Disney and Marvel may not give in to his demand of $100 million per film.

The first Iron Man had set the standard for all superhero movies to come, introducing a snarky billionaire whose sense of humor and mechanical brilliance made him an instant fan favorite. Iron Man 2 had disappointed many of the fans due to an underwhelming villain and the infamous scenes where Tony Stark was letting his fame and alcoholism take over. Iron Man 3 was another one which hadn't been so well received, due to the villain having been hyped so much that we were let down by the big plot twist.

Only one of the Robert Downey, Jr.'s solo films was critically praised by nearly everybody, and though it's not the actor's fault, it could result in him being replaced by someone younger by the Iron Man 4 release date.

When Ellen DeGeneres had asked the actor if there was going to be a fourth film for the character, he'd proverbially beaten around the bush before finally giving an emphatic "yes."

Movie News Guide claimed that Iron Man 3 and Jurassic World actor Ty Simpkins (playing the role of Harley Keener) could actually be taking over, entrusted by Tony to use the suit after his pivotal role in the last film. This could anger the fan base due to Robert Downey, Jr.'s popularity in the role, though the storyline of the MCU could easily lead to Simpkins taking over by the Iron Man 4 release date.

In the first Captain America: Civil War trailer, we had seen Cap (Chris Evans) and Bucky (Sebastian Stan) teaming up to beat down Iron Man. This heightens the animosity which began when Tony Stark turned out to be responsible for Ultron, and could show Tony that he's just getting too old and unpredictable to be a superhero. At this point Harley Keener, now a teenager, shows up and Stark decides to see what the boy can do in his stead.

The possible problem with the Iron Man 4 release date could be that the first three films had focused on Tony's power system for the suit and its dependence on a big hole in his chest. By the end of the third film, that problem had been resolved, so the focus will need to change.

There is also the possibility that we'll see a new Mandarin appear, and Tony will have to fight him this time. The Mandarin's rings could be related to the Infinity stones and lead Thanos to manipulate him for control of the universe.

A lot is unknown yet, much like a majority of the storyline of the proposed MCU, and the Iron Man 4 release date could still be years away. We'll know more when Marvel makes the official announcement.

[Image via Marvel]