‘KUWTK’ Lamar Odom Unlikely To Be Prosecuted For Cocaine Use At Brothel

Though there hasn’t been a final word on whether or not Lamar Odom will be prosecuted for cocaine use in Nevada while at a brothel, the district attorney is now backing down on the harsh language that said they would go after Odom. Lamr Odom’s mental state hints that he would not be capable of participating in his own defense.

According to the Inquisitr, the Nye County sheriff put in a recommendation that Lamar Odom should be prosecuted for the drug use plus alcohol that put him into a coma at a legal brothel where he had spent a long weekend. Though the brothel provides legal prostitution, the drug use is still illegal and it is still possible that they could make an example of Odom to deter this kind of behavior. Upon admission, Lamar Odom was tested for drugs and alcohol on the chance that the prosecutor in Nevada would want to use it later, but as sources say, Odom is still in no condition to even answer questions.

TMZ is reporting that Lamar Odom’s desperate condition is the biggest factor that will keep Nye County from coming after him criminally, though he had broken the law with cocaine use.

“Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, the Nye County D.A. in Nevada is backing off the statements made by the Sheriff, who said there was a strong chance Lamar would be prosecuted for cocaine possession.”

Before anyone thinks that Lamar Odom is getting special treatment, TMZ has researched the situation, and nobody in Nye County had ever been prosecuted for drug use under similar circumstances.

“Fact is… the D.A. really isn’t cutting Lamar a special break, because we did some checking and couldn’t find a single case in Nye County where someone was prosecuted for cocaine possession when they landed in the hospital with severe damage.”

It seems that Lamar Odom currently has bigger problems than legal issues.

But it is hard to tell exactly what condition Lamar Odom is in, because the only word the public is getting is from people named Kardashian, and it would seem that media machine believes the truth is well, flexible, and can change quickly to fit a particular situation, according to Radaronline.

RadarOnline.com has learned that the family is exaggerating the extent of Lamar Odom’s recovery in order to carry on business as usual without damaging their public image.”

Though they were in the middle of a divorce and had limited contact at the time he was found unconscious at the brothel, Khloe Kardashian is still in charge of Lamar Odom’s estate and still calls the shots in terms of his medical care. Bottom line: What Khloe Kardashian says goes, at least for now.

“Lamar’s still having a lot of trouble speaking,” an insider tells Radar of Odom’s current condition. “He really only ever mumbles, and can barely string a few words together. It’s obvious he has extensive brain damage.”

Sources behind the scenes are asking whether anyone who put Lamar Odom first would put his struggle of life and death on their reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. If it is true what Khloe Kardashian says, that Odom doesn’t even know why and how he has brain damage, he couldn’t possibly consent to having this part of his life on the show.

“However, Kardashian, whose family made the questionable decision to film 36-year-old Odom’s life-and-death battle for their show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, soon returned to her busy life, which included promoting her new book Strong Looks Better Naked.”

Fans and detractors alike can only imagine what it must have been like for Khloe Kardashian to get the phone call that Lamar Odom’s life was at risk, but it does seem unseemly to tape someone who obviously doesn’t even know where they are.

Do you think Lamar Odom’s soon to be former wife should be in charge of his personal decisions?

[Photo courtesy of Michael Conroy/AP]