Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Just Can’t Help Themselves

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have made a number of sweet public appearances over the past few days. This weekend, the newlyweds cuddled up together while attending an intimate get-together in New York City, according to People magazine.

In the photo provided by People magazine, Jennifer Aniston leaned in close to her husband, while he wrapped his arm around her.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux attended tattoo artist Scott Campbell’s get-together. Campbell is the couple’s close friend, who collaborated with winemaker Clay Brock, to release a brand new line of wines named after Campbell’s famous Brooklyn tattoo studio, SAVED.

Campbell has been a friend of Theroux for a long time, and he served as Theroux’s best man at his wedding to Jennifer Aniston this past August.

The newlyweds were then seen walking the red carpet together at the Labyrinth Theater Company’s Celebrity Charades Gala on Monday night, as reported by People magazine.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux posed for the cameras as they were wrapped in layers of scarves, which protected the newlyweds from NYC’s chilly temperatures.

Jennifer Aniston was dressed more stylishly than her husband, but somehow they made the look work, even though she was dressed all in black – including her scarf and bag – while Justin Theroux wore a more military-style look including a bomber jacket, grey scarf, and dressed-down jeans.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux were then photographed passionately kissing in NYC on Monday, as reported by People magazine.

The newlyweds just left a restaurant in SoHo after eating lunch together, and couldn’t resist the temptation to lock lips in public.

As seen on the photo, Theroux has a leash in his hand, kissing his wife before taking their dog for a walk around New York. This time, Jennifer Aniston once again went with an all-black look. Theroux, meanwhile, wore a leather jacket to keep warm during the passionate kiss.

Last week, Justin Theroux revealed a few things about his married life with Jennifer Aniston, according to Us Magazine. Theroux said that he often compliments his wife by simple saying that “she’s beautiful.” The forty-four-year-old actor elaborated in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

“Not to be corny, but it’s true. So I constantly say that.”

The newlyweds were spotted eating dinner at Leona in L.A.’s Venice neighborhood on Sunday evening, and afterwards someone who had witnessed their dinner spoke with Us Magazine.

“Jen was really sweet with Justin. At one point she was rubbing his shoulders very lovingly.”

It was reported on Monday that Jennifer Aniston is set to star alongside Robert De Niro in The Comedian, a drama directed by Taylor Hackford, as reported by AV Club.

The project has been a De Niro passion for years, and it is scheduled to enter the shooting phase early next year in New York. Art and John Linson are set to produce the film along with Cinelou’s Mark Canton, and Courtney Solomon. Cinelou, which has already provided financial support for Jennifer Aniston’s movie called Cake, is funding the new De Niro project.

De Niro will portray a famous Don Rickles-style insult comic. Jennifer Aniston meets De Niro’s character at a wedding, and they start falling for one another, as reported by Deadline.

Jennifer Aniston’s new project is something De Niro and the producers have been working on for years, while stand-up material was written by Friars Club and Comedy Central’s Jeffrey Ross.

[Photo by Andrew Toth/Getty Images]