Kris Humphries Lawyers Will Use Kim Kardashian’s Oprah Interview As Evidence

Kris Humphries’ lawyers are looking to make sure that anything Kim KaKim Kardashian’s own words could be used against her if Kris Humphries’ lawyers have their way.

According to RadarOnline,Humphries’ lawyers want to question Kardashian on an extended interview she gave to Oprah Winfrey. In the interview she explicitly said that she was asked by her mother, Kris Jenner, on the eve of her wedding if she wanted to cancel the whole thing.

Kim said in the interview,

“I didn’t have an inkling, but everyone around me did. The night before, my mom said, ‘Do you want out?’ She said, ‘You’re not yourself.’ But I said mom, no, I got angry, I was thinking, ‘How dare you!'”

The Kardashians gave the interview to Oprah and they discussed everything from Kim losing her virginity to her boyfriend of two years at the age of 14, to the “deep depression” she fell into after she filed for divorce.

Humphries‘ lawyers say that the content of the interview goes to the heart of their argument that the marriage was a sham from the beginning and that he was tricked into marrying her. The layers have wanted to grill Kim about the conversation she had with her mother the night before she got married and are even more interested now that she has stated the content on national television.

A source close to Humphries said,

“Kim’s explanation of why her mom asked her [if she wanted to call off the wedding] just doesn’t make sense. There is a lot more going on to this than the public knows, and Kris wants answers. Kris was left in the dark, and it was very hurtful for him to hear that Kim was bored with him,”