‘Marvel Heroes’ Costumes, Heroes Discounted For Black Friday Alongside A BOGO Promotion

Black Friday is currently underway and even free-to-play video games are hoping to pull in a few extra sales thanks to the occasion. Marvel Heroes, the online action RPG from Gazillion Entertainment, is doubling players’ savings with a 25 percent off sale in addition to a buy one, get one promotion over the weekend. That means players can buy a costume or hero for 25 percent off and they will also receive an additional random costume or hero this weekend.

All heroes and costumes are eligible for the 25 percent off discount and the BOGO. However, as stated on the official announcement, the latest hero Magik, her alternate costume, and the newest Black Panther Urban Jungle costume are not part of the promotion. All other heroes and costumes are a part of the sale, though. Simply log in to Marvel Heroes and visit the in-game store to get started. Purchasing a costume will result in getting a random costume as part of the BOGO the same way purchasing a hero will yield a random hero box. If a player already owns the costume, it can be used at the crafter alongside other costumes to create another random costume. If a player already owns a hero received as part of the BOGO promotion, the unlock token can be used to upgrade that hero’s ultimate ability.

Marvel Heroes Kitty Pryde and Lockheed in Marvel Heroes [Image via Gazillion Entertainment]All Marvel Heroes characters have an equal chance of being included in the random hero box according to the game’s FAQ on the Black Friday sale. As for the random costume, all costumes have an equal chance of being inside expect for Fortune Card costumes, some holiday costumes, and Chase Costumes. Players that previously purchased heroes or costumes seven days before the sale started are also eligible for the BOGO. These players should automatically receive their BOGO bonus costume or hero depending on what they purchased prior to the start of the sale.

The 25 percent off sale in Marvel Heroes and the BOGO promotion will apply to every hero and costume purchased over the weekend. Players can purchases as little or as many heroes and costumes as they wish and they will receive a bonus hero and costume respectively each time. Only heroes purchased through the in-game store are a part of the sale and the BOGO promotion. Heroes bought with Eternity Splinters or packs purchased from Steam, for example, are not a part of the Black Friday sale. Players should instantly receive their random hero box or random costume box at the time of purchase during the sale. The sale will end on November 29.

Marvel Heroes Magik in Marvel Heroes [Image via Gazillion Entertainment]Marvel Heroes updates regularly with new heroes, costumes, and more. The latest hero added to the roster is Magik as the 53rd playable character in the action RPG. As the Inquisitr reported, Magik has access to three unique power trees including an option dedicated to her Soulsword, one focusing on summoning Limbo demons, and a tree dedicated to Magik’s magic. Players reserve and manage her Command bar in addition to Spirit to harness powerful passives and summon a gaggle of demons. By spending points in Magik’s Limbo tree, the character can summon up to eight minor demons of the melee or ranged variety. By reserving five units Command, she can summon either the Fist of N’astirh or N’astirh himself to aid her in battle.

As the newest hero, Magik is not part of the current 25 percent off sale or the buy one, get one sale. She can, however, be purchased for 400 Eternity Splinters; dropped in game or for 900 Gs; a little less than $10.

What did you receive as part of the BOGO promotion in Marvel Heroes today?

[Image via Gazillion Entertainment]