Jared Padalecki And Stephen Amell Get In The Black Friday Spirit For Charity

Both Jared Padalecki and Stephen Amell got in the Black Friday spirit today, but for charity. Rather than offer sales for their TV shows, they released new campaigns for the charities they each support. The campaigns delighted some of their fans, with new products available for purchase. However, not everyone is happy about the releases.

Amell, from CW’s show Arrow, kick-started his Black Friday with the release of new products for the “F*** Cancer” campaign. He shared beanies and hoodies, two items that few have seen available in the past. Padalecki, from Supernatural, followed later with his “Always Keep Fighting” campaign. The money raised from the two campaigns will go to their respective charities.

Black Friday Goes Charitable With Jared Padalecki And Stephen Amell
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“F*** Cancer” is a charity for those battling cancer. Amell joined it in 2012 after his mother had to battle the disease. He never knew about it until they got in touch with him after hearing about his mother’s fight. After doing some research, he instantly joined up and has offered various campaigns to put money towards it.

Padalecki supports the Write Love On Her Arm charity, which supports those with mental illnesses. He recently opened up about his own battle against depression, something he was diagnosed with early on in Supernatural’s life. During the summer, he had to take time off from conventions to take care of his mental health, saying that he needed to be with his supportive wife and two sons. The Supernatural fandom proved itself to be a family by sharing their Always Keep Fighting candles at the next convention Padalecki appeared at.

Black Friday is a popular event in America, with people looking for great sales both on and offline. Both the celebrities decided to use the day as a way to raise more awareness for their charities. They shared their most recent offerings on social media, making it clear that some had Black Friday specials. For example, Padalecki’s letterman jacket is available at a discount for the day only.

The problem is, not everyone is happy with these Black Friday offers. Many say that while they want to support the charity, they cannot afford the prices for the various products. Some are going for as much as $70, and this close to Christmas, people do not have the money. They have taken to Facebook and Twitter to share their disappointment that they cannot help support the charities.

Others have said that they would like to see just how much money is going to the charities. This is important to make sure that the higher prices are worthwhile. The more going to the charities, the better. They do not want to be paying for the overheads only.

This is not the first campaign for either, and will certainly not be the last. Padalecki’s first campaign reached his target within the first day, according to Entertainment Weekly. Likewise, Amell’s first campaign surpassed its 500 sold T-shirts goal within hours of starting, according to Examiner. It certainly helps that the two are so popular in their fandoms, and both of their shows have big enough followings. While Arrow may still be relatively new compared to Supernatural and the latter is not the biggest show on TV, they both have loyal fan bases that consider themselves families.

Jared Padalecki And Stephen Amell Make Black Friday Charitable
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Amell and Padalecki also support each other in their charitable actions. Their shows are filmed in the same part of Vancouver, Canada, meaning they get to see a lot of each other. Both also get support from their co-stars, especially Misha Collins and Jensen Ackles from Supernatural.

Fans of both shows have a limited time to get hold of the latest campaigns. The Black Friday sales will be gone very soon, along with the chance to support two excellent charities.

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