Drake And Serena Williams Relationship Rumors Resurface, Tennis Star Accused Of Hiding Pregnancy

Drake and Serena Williams may have shot down rumors of an alleged relationship earlier this year, but it looks like Serena Williams is still being romantically linked to Drake while old rumors resurface suggesting that Serena is pregnant with Drake’s child.

Drake and Serena Williams’ rumored romance made headlines in late October after a tabloid alleged that tennis star was expecting a baby with the rapper just months after the duo seemingly rekindled their former relationship.

In order to combat the rampant pregnancy rumors, a source close to Serena Williams ultimately denied the speculation by insisting that Drake and Serena were never a couple to begin with, much less that the duo is expecting a child together.

Despite the rumor-bust, pregnancy rumors for Serena Williams have resurfaced after an entertainment tabloid accused Serena of attempting to hide a baby bump underneath a baggy sweater while visiting Copenhagen yesterday for an appearance.

According to the tabloid report, Serena Williams was spotted with a “big bulge” underneath her sweater, prompting the outlet to gather, “If we ain’t know no better… we’d say [Serena] had a baby in there. It looks like them rumors were true!!!”

The site further speculated that Serena Williams may be pregnant because “the timing would be just about right” for “a baby to show” given that Serena and Drake seemingly rekindled their former relationship in August.

Despite the speculation, Gossip Cop reports that a rep for Serena Williams has spoken out against the pregnancy claims and insists the rumors between Drake and Serena Williams are “complete fabrication.”

The false pregnancy speculation for Serena Williams comes just one month after sources close to Serena and Drake denied engagement rumors for the former couple.

Rumors suggesting that Drake and Serena Williams were engaged surfaced in early October after one tabloid claimed to have confirmation that Drake proposed to Serena while the duo were visiting Drake’s native Toronto.

However, a rep for Serena Williams shot down the engagement buzz by telling E! News that not only are Drake and Williams not engaged, the duo isn’t even officially a couple.

“They are friends and nothing more,” Serena Williams’ source explained when asked about her alleged engagement to Drake.

The source’s claims were in contrast to previous reports that suggested Drake and Serena’s relationship was “heating up” and that Serena’s friends approved of Drake for the athlete, E! News reveals.

“Drake has always had a huge crush on Serena, so he is on cloud nine and will continue to court her as much as he can.”

The source also explained that Drake is “very much Serena’s type” and that Williams is “a big fan” of Drake’s music, which seemed to only fuel the dating speculation after Serena was spotted dancing backstage at one of Drake’s concerts.

Similarly, Drake seemed to quietly confirm the romance rumors himself after he was spotted showing his support for Serena during the U.S. Open and once again during Williams’ NYFW debut for her new clothing line where Drake’s music was featured during Serena’s show. Serena was also accused of “flirting” with Drake on Instagram after she left a comment on one of Drake’s photos comparing the buff rapper to He-Man.

Despite the widespread speculation regarding their alleged relationship, Serena Williams seemed to deny the Drake dating rumors after she was spotted having a lunch date with Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, Us Weekly reports.

A source close to Serena confirmed Williams’ romance to Ohanian while also noting that Serena’s brief “fling” with Drake was nothing more than a “flirty friendship.”

What do you think of the resurfaced pregnancy rumors for Serena Williams and Drake?

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