Richard Schoeck, Stacey Schoeck Valentine’s Day Murder-For-Hire To Air On ‘Dateline NBC’ Tonight

Stacey Schoeck, the Snellville, Georgia, wife and mother who hired a hit man to kill her husband on Valentine’s Day, is the subject of the next Dateline NBC. The episode, entitled “A Perfect Spot,” was first shown on NBC in April of this year.

Dateline’s “A Perfect Spot” will review the case of Richard Schoeck, a loving husband and father who was lured and ambushed on a dark road five years ago. What at first seemed like a robbery ended up being a complicated murder plot that led to the death of an innocent man. For her crimes Stacey Schoeck, 38, was sentenced to life in prison, along with gym trainer and killer Reginald Coleman. Lynitra Ross, the co-worker who helped arrange the deadly hit, was also sentenced to time in prison, according to the Daily Mail. At last check, Stacey Morgan Schoeck and Lynitra McKale Ross were being housed at the same prison.

They say 49-year-old Richard Schoeck was a nice family man who seemed like he could be the perfect husband to Stacey. In fact, it has been said that Richard loved Stacey’s two sons so much that he adopted them. But at some point in the marriage, Stacey, a surgical assistant, became bored with her life with Richard Schoeck, a hardworking building facilities worker who later discovered that his wife was having an affair.

Court records indicate that once Richard found out about the affair, he wanted to divorce Stacey, and it was possible that he might have asked for custody of her two sons. According to law enforcement officials, this provided Stacey with a clear motive. She figured it would all work out in the end. With Richard dead, she could possibly collect the insurance money, keep custody of her kids, and spend time with her lover, Juan Reyes, a man who had been involved with her for years. Not only was she having sex with Juan Reyes, but she kept him financially by providing him with a place to stay for their sexual escapades, as well as a cell phone to keep in touch with him.

At one point, Juan Reyes was the main suspect in the death of Richard Schoeck. However, when police investigated further, they uncovered an elaborate plot that was more sinister than they had imagined. According to police, Stacey begged Richard to meet her at a secluded location in Belton Bridge Park, where they would exchange Valentine’s Day items and have sex. At night, Belton Bridge Park is so dark that you can’t see your own hand in front of your face. Richard trusted Stacey and was most likely excited to spend time Valentine’s night with her. When he arrived at the location and saw Stacey’s car, he stepped out of the car and was immediately gunned down by Reginald Coleman — a man who had been hired to kill him in cold blood.

An autopsy report concluded that Richard had been shot multiple times, including two gunshot wounds to the face. It was a very sad ending to a life that should have been filled with happiness. It is also possible that if some of the expensive items that had been found at the scene were stolen, police could have deduced it was a robbery gone wrong, meaning that the case may have never been solved, according to the Gainesville Times.

Some of Richard’s family members suspected that Stacey had something to do with it, even though Stacey seemed distraught over her husband’s death. Here is one message posted to Stacey’s Facebook page.

“These are the hardest days of my life. I am changed forever. Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and comfort. I have no words….”

Just a few days before the murder, Stacey posted this message to her Facebook page.

“Is it Friday yet???”

In an interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Carol Fillingim, Richard Schoeck’s sister, stated the following.

“It was such a heinous murder done to someone that did not deserve it at all. She was such a cowardly woman that couldn’t keep herself in control and had never had anyone that stood up to her. When you get too much power and control, you just believe you can do anything.”

Thanks to these tenacious detectives, they brought all three parties to justice. You’ll definitely want to see how this case end by tuning into Dateline< NBC/em> tonight at 10/9 central.

[Image via Stacey Morgan Schoeck/Facebook]

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