Black Friday 2015 Fights: Videos Of The Biggest Brawls From Year’s Biggest Shopping Day

Black Friday 2015 is in full force, and it’s poised to last through the entire weekend for most stores and most shoppers. Unfortunately, it’s not just all about getting the best deals and walking away happy. Black Friday fights are breaking out all across the country, and people are capturing them on video and posting the brawls online for all to see.

Some may have thought that Black Friday was made a lot safer with maps and roped-off areas and extra security, but it doesn’t seem to matter. Never underestimate what people will do or the lengths they will go to, in order to get a good deal — or fight for one.

As reported by Info Wars, one video going viral is of people inside a store in Saginaw, Michigan, fighting to get to some vegetable steamers. One person falls forward over the display while others run, grab one, and sprint away.

The biggest issue is the woman who steals a steamer right out of the hands of a child, and then sees the mother of the child try to get it back.

The steamer stealer begins yelling, “Why are you being so aggressive? You’re scaring me!”

In Louisville, Kentucky, a brawl broke out at the Mall St. Matthews where two men got into a huge fistfight. The fight took place in the food court, according to Brietbart, and it isn’t certain what it was over, but it took security to break it up.


— yung wifi (@DaddyWeaknd) November 27, 2015

Kentucky brought even more Black Friday fights as a fight over some Air Jordans shoes came about, and saw multiple small fights happen before a huge brawl ensued. The New York Daily News reported that both videos have someone yelling “World Star,” which references a hip-hop website.

When someone takes the last pair of Jordan’s on Black Friday. — ‘nati (@NSudenga) November 27, 2015

A Walmart in El Paso, Texas, had some really low-priced TVs for Black Friday, and it started an absolute riot. A single display held the TVs and it led to everyone wrestling to get their hands on one and some even started swinging at police.

Needless to say, that man was escorted away by the police. Well, that’s after his Black Friday was brought to an end by being face down on the floor, police handling him, and then handcuffing the man.

Another video making the rounds is of a customer at a Walmart store getting into a fight — with a Walmart employee. The Black Friday customer ends up pulling the hair of the employee before things get broken up by others standing around.

As if the Black Friday fights and brawls weren’t bad enough, USA Today reports that shots were fired on Thanksgiving night at the Alexandria Mall in Alexandria, Louisiana. The police would not immediately release any information on the situation, but it happened on Thursday evening between two people in two vehicles at the far edge of the Sears parking lot.

Later, the police department released a statement saying it had nothing to do with Black Friday shopping and was just coincidental that it happened at the mall.

“It appears that this dispute, which occurred in the far edge of the parking lot near Sears, is unrelated to the shopping or mall operation. Officers closed down one entrance to one store in order to process possible evidence. No other stores were affected.”

In Springfield, Virginia, Ahmad Shurkey was waiting in front of Best Buy for the Black Friday sales, according to FOX5DC. He arrived in place at noon on Wednesday and prepared to wait 29 hours until the sales started. Shurkey was challenged by a woman who put down a chair and took off.

At 9 p.m. on Wednesday night, she came back to take her place, but Shurkey wasn’t having it.

“She was angry, and I was telling her, ‘No, you’re not getting in the front of the line. I’ve been here since 12 [p.m.].’ And she proceeds to attack me with the chair, pushing into my friend, knocking me over and twisting my ankle.”

Police showed up to stop the argument and the woman wouldn’t calm down so she was being arrested for the assault charge. She proceeded to resist arrest and hit an officer which would only bring more charges.

Black Friday fights are nothing new, but they seem to be happening a lot more in 2015 than in years past. The worst part is that the big shopping weekend is still going strong, and it’s possible that many more brawls and arrests are unfortunately going to take place.

[Photo by Stan Honda/Getty Images]