Harry Potter: Daniel Radcliffe Responds To Masturbation Rumors, J. K. Rowling Explains Snape Name

Treva Bowdoin

Harry Potter fans, rejoice. Your childhood hasn't been ruined after all. Actor Daniel Radcliffe recently shot down rumors that he defiled Harry Potter movie sets by masturbating while he was working on the beloved films.

During an interview with NME, Daniel Radcliffe responded to rumors that the cruel curse of puberty made it impossible for him to stop pleasuring himself while he was working on the Harry Potter movies. Radcliffe reassured fans that he never managed his mischief underneath that invisibility cloak.

"I didn't say I w**ked on set!" Radcliffe said.

It seems as though some media outlets and Harry Potter fans simply misunderstood something Daniel Radcliffe said during an October interview with Playboy. The tricky wording of a question about masturbation tripped Radcliffe up a bit before he could clarify his response.

"For most teenage boys, their lives revolve around finding a chance to masturbate. Is there time for that on a movie set?" a Playboy reporter asked Radcliffe.

"Yeah, I was like every other teenager in that sense," the Harry Potter star responded. Daniel Radcliffe also revealed that he "started very early," but he quickly clarified that he never actually masturbated while he was on the set of a Harry Potter movie.

"I wasn't going, 'When is Alan Rickman going to nail this scene so I can run back to my trailer?'" Radcliffe quipped.

During his NME interview, Daniel Radcliffe complained about how "frustrating" it is that so many people ignored his follow-up quote about not masturbating on the set of any Harry Potter movies. The actor reiterated that he had enough self-control to avoid touching himself while he was at work.

"Can you make this clear for me: I was not w**king during the filming of Potter – I managed to restrain myself until I got home," Radcliffe said. He had previously joked about how it would be impossible to "look the dignitaries of British acting royalty in the eye" after doing such a thing while filming a movie.

Speaking of British acting royalty, Daniel Radcliffe is a bit jealous of one of the most talented thespian princes from across the pond. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Radcliffe has revealed that he never wants to play Harry Potter again, but he still has an appreciation for the wizarding world. The actor complimented the outfit that Eddie Redmayne's character, magizoologist Newt Scamander, gets to wear in the Harry Potter spin-off movie, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

"Oh f*** you, Eddie, in your brilliant costume… I got jeans and a zip top for 10 years and you've got a greatcoat already?" Daniel quipped.

In the first promo photos for the film, Redmayne is pictured wearing the stylish blue coat over his 1920s era suit. Luckily for Newt, his wardrobe isn't composed mostly of hand-me-downs from a much-larger older cousin.

— ScreenCrush (@screencrushnews) November 9, 2015

In addition to continuing to work on various projects set in the Harry Potter universe, J. K. Rowling keeps using social media to share juicy little tidbits of trivia about her beloved characters. One such morsel of information actually concerns Albus Severus Potter's name. A fan recently asked Rowling why she decided to pay tribute to Professor Snape by giving Harry's son the middle moniker "Severus" -- Snape's hatred of Harry certainly wasn't a secret, after all. However, even though the bitter Hogwarts professor unfairly mistreated Harry for reminding him of what he lost and who he lost it to, Rowling says that Harry Potter decided to forgive Severus Snape. Harry couldn't help but respect the man for "always" loving Lily Potter and doing all that he did to atone for her death.

"Snape died for Harry out of love for Lily. Harry paid him tribute in forgiveness and gratitude," Rowling revealed.

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"Snape projected his hatred and jealousy of James onto Harry," J. K. Rowling explained.

"Snape is all grey. You can't make him a saint: he was vindictive & bullying. You can't make him a devil: he died to save the wizarding world. In honouring Snape, Harry hoped in his heart that he too would be forgiven. The deaths at the Battle of Hogwarts would haunt Harry forever."

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