Woman Blames ‘Shewee’ For Killing Budding Romance In Funny Amazon Review

Since time immemorial women have been put in an awkward position when the need to urinate arises out in the wild. The “Shewee” was designed to overcome just this problem, but one user found the handy product destroyed her budding romance.

Up until now, while men can calmly stand behind a tree or against the nearest wall, women have had to head into the bushes. Sometimes there is a smelly portaloo available, but normally it’s a case of scrunch down and squat, often uncomfortably and sometimes dangerously.

You know how it is; insects, spiders, snakes and prickly weeds and grass can just get in the way sometimes. Not only is it inelegant, but it is a just plain uncomfortable way to gain relief.

Anyway, some bright spark invented a gadget to get around all these problems and dubbed it the “Shewee.” This handy plastic gadget just needs to be placed in the right position on the anatomy and relief is achieved with a golden stream and sigh of relief.

Not to be outdone, they’ve now come up with the “Shewee Extreme.” This new version comes with an extended outlet pipe for more peeing range, is colored an attractive bright pink and comes in a specially-designed pink case for easy storage.

According to the Mirror Online, reviews have been coming in for the new and handy “Shewee” product.

Shewee [Image via Amazon]Some of the reviews for the product are excellent; in fact, there are currently 378 positive reviews, while 78 others say the “Shewee” is a waste of time and energy. However, one review really stands out. It states that while the product is excellent and works really well, using the “Shewee Extreme” has now destroyed a budding romance. Yes, you read that right — having a pee was a buzz-kill.

A woman by the handle LovelyLady wrote the review on the Amazon.co.uk website on November 26. While she gave the “Shewee” a five star rating, she also told her sad tale. LovelyLady started off by saying although it may seem like a negative review, it was not. She merely wanted to convey a cautionary tale. She said the product itself works very well and was “extremely convenient in times of need.”

The reviewer went on to say she joined some of her work colleagues for a bar crawl recently. As they live in a fairly rural area, and apparently were clever enough not to drive under the influence, some of the walks between the various venues were fairly long. She realized she might get caught short, so to speak, and decided it would be a good idea to take along her Shewee, which just fit into her purse.

LovelyLady said that a colleague was also attending the bar crawl and in the weeks leading up to that night, they had exchanged a little flirty office banter. She was really hoping that the evening would kick the relationship up a notch and in the review she named him as “Peter.”

However, nature called urgently on one of the longer walk between bars and she headed around a corner to relief herself. She pulled out the handy “Shewee” and away she went.

Shewee [Image via Amazon]The problem arose when Peter wondered where she had gone and went looking for her. What he found was LovelyLady, facing a wall with “an impressive stream of urine jetting downwards.” In shock, Peter apparently shouted a hurried apology before running away.

The poor girl tried to chase after him “after finishing and shaking dry,” but he was nowhere to be found and had apparently left the group and headed home (probably feeling somewhat shocked and disappointed).

LovelyLady said she tried to explain to him a number of times in the office that she doesn’t have a penis, but Peter just goes red and starts “explaining how he has no prejudice.”

She ended her sad tale and review of the “Shewee” by warning ladies everywhere to use the product responsibly and to consider how they may be perceived by others. It seems people took note of the warning, as 61 of 62 people thus far found her review helpful.

[Photo via Flickr by Gareth Bogdanoff and flipped horizontally/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]