Jenelle Evans Keeping Kaiser From Nathan: ‘You Can File For Visitation’

Jenelle Evans was shocked when her then-husband, Courtland Rogers, was arrested after being found carrying drugs. She quickly filed for divorce because she knew that her mother would never let her get custody of Jace with a husband who was doing drugs. Shortly after finalizing the divorce, she was pregnant with her second child, Kaiser, with a new man, Nathan Griffith.

While Jenelle Evans gushed about Nathan, claiming that he was a wonderful man, he is clearly causing some trouble these days when it comes to their child. Since they are no longer together, he is causing some trouble for her. While Jenelle may have hoped for shared custody, it sounds like he isn’t respecting her wishes. And now, she is keeping Kaiser from Griffith.

According to a new Radar Online report, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that she doesn’t trust Nathan with their son, Kaiser. Earlier this fall, Nathan decided to take Kaiser to Boston without actually telling Jenelle. Now, she wants to protect her son, and that means Nathan will have to go through extra steps to see her son.

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“I told him, ‘If you want to see Kaiser ever since you took him to Boston without telling me, you can file for visitation,’” Evans revealed to Radar Online, adding, “Well he still has yet to do that.”

“He has been asking me, but then I’m like, ‘If I give him Kaiser, then he can take off with him,’” Jenelle reveals, hinting that Nathan could just kidnap their son. “And then when will I ever get him back? It just scares me.”

Earlier this month, Nathan called CPS on Jenelle Evans because he claimed she hadn’t told her that she was going out to the country. He claims that she was bad at communicating her situation with him. As it turns out, CPS responded to the claims and reported that everything was fine and Jenelle had done nothing wrong.

“He made all these accusations saying that I’m taking Xanax and that I’m drinking every night and I’m partying and stuff,” Evans points out, adding, “I’ve been a lot happier. I was in such a bad place for such a long time, but it got to the point where I was like I need to get away from it.”

But Nathan isn’t the only person who is causing trouble for Jenelle. Evans has been a single mother for years to little Jace, but now his father wants to get involved. Charles Andrew Lewis is now trying to get involved in Jace’s life. Even though he has been absent the entire time she was filming Teen Mom, he is now accusing her of keeping Jace from him.

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“He contacted me about two months ago, and it was a drunk message at 3:00 in the morning,” Evans said, adding, “It was crazy. It was random stuff like, ‘You won’t let me see Jace. This is no fair.’”

These days, fans are wondering whether Evans will ever get full custody of Jace. Barbara has been keeping Jace from her for years, and it is possible that she won’t get legal rights over him. But at least Barbara is a fan of David Eason, her new boyfriend.

“Obviously [Nathan and I] broke up every other day, fought every day,” Jenelle reveals about her new relationship, adding, “Me and David have been together for about two months now and everything has been fine. We haven’t bickered once. My mom loves him, and everyone loves him. I just wanted someone to settle down with me, and he’s that type. Nathan wasn’t.”

What do you think of Jenelle Evans keeping Kaiser from Nathan?

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