Cindy Kimberly Goes Nude In New Instagram Photo

Cindy Kimberly shared a series of five photos from Marrakech in a new Instagram post, and the results have fans talking. The second image in the series shows the social media star posing completely nude, as she sat on a bed in a light pink room. You could see that the ceiling was high in the room, with intricate architectural details throughout. This included an elaborately designed fireplace. Meanwhile, Cindy sat on top of a bed with white sheets, along with a comforter that she wrapped around her body. She looked over her left shoulder at the camera and gave a serious yet coy look.

But that's not all as four other photos showed Kimberly in a variety of outfits. This included a stunning ensemble made up of a metallic pink top and gold bottoms. The top was off the shoulder with giant sleeves, while the middle of the top was more like a bra that she tied in the front. The pants, on the other hand, were high-waisted with small folds throughout. In this shot, Cindy posed in front of an elaborate column with blue and white designs, including a local print. Behind her, you could see several more columns with similar patterns, along with an elaborately tiled wall.

Kimberly also sported a couple more revealing outfits. In the final photo of the set, she wore a tan and white striped dress. It had a very low plunge neckline that let her show off her chest, plus a matching belt that cinched her waist. She accessorized with a couple of matching necklaces of different lengths, sunglasses, and a bandana in her hair.

The model was discovered in a very unconventional way. Unlike most models that are scouted at the mall in their teenage years or others that pursue their dream in the industry, Cindy simply caught Justin Bieber's attention. He posted online and asked if anyone knew who she was, and since then everything changed for Cindy, detailed The Daily Mail.

"It seems like a fairytale. A friend of mine often used to joke that one day I'd be one of the girls he talked about and I didn't believe her. My life's changed positively since Justin appeared in my life. At the beginning I felt completely overwhelmed and didn't know how to deal with it but now I'm getting used to it."
Since her breakout moment, Kimberly has established herself as a working model and has over 5.3 million followers on Instagram.