Bill Murray Inducted Into Baseball Hall Of Fame [Video]

Bill Murray may be best known for his acting talents, but he’s now a proud member of the South Atlantic League Baseball Hall of Fame.

Murray, who co-owns the minor league baseball team the Charleston RiverDogs, was inducted today into the South Atlantic League , or Sally League, Hall of Fame.

Murray said:

“I don’t know why I’m being inducted into the Hall of Fame today. But no one’s ever asked me to be part of a Hall of Fame so I’m not going to say no.”

The SNL veteran told a few jokes during his acceptance speech but for the main part, he talked about how much baseball meant to him. The Chicago native talks about the first time he visited Wrigley Field. He talks about the best corn dog he’s ever had. And he tells the players that were watching his speech that they all carry a little dream that will one day be had by another little kid.

Murray, who was speaking during the Sally League’s All-Star weekend, told the players watching his speech:

“Enjoy this moment. You’re being celebrated. You’re being honored. You’re being watched. You guys are all carrying some sort of dream that some other kid will have some day… and tonight we’re going to see you play…. Living life, the game of life, you can make a lot more interesting if you make it a game for yourself. It’s not a rehearsal. it’s not practice. It’s real. This life is real. This is the real thing. If you can stay light and stay loose and stay relaxed, you can play at the very highest level as a baseball player or as a human being.”

Murray’s speech wasnt’ all sentimental. The comedian did pepper in some jokes and ended his speech by telling the audience about two horses sitting in a bar.

Here is Bill Murray’s Hall Of Fame Induction Speech.

If you have any doubts about how much Murray loves baseball, here’s a clip of the comedian running the bases at a RiverDogs game earlier this month.