No, Kylie Jenner Was Not A ‘Diva’ Backstage At ‘Ellen Show’ [Rumor]

It’s been alleged that Kylie Jenner caused a scene backstage during her appearance on The Ellen Show, with rumors swirling of her diva behavior.

Radar Online was the publication that made these allegations, stating that the 18-year-old reality television star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians truly stunned staff with her reported outlandish demands during her appearance on the show. However, this speculation has now been dismissed by Gossip Cop, who insisted that they are all entirely false.

The source for Radar Online, who insist that their insider works on the set of The Ellen Show, explained that when Kylie Jenner arrived to film her appearance on Tuesday’s edition of the show she immediately began to act in a selfish fashion.

“Kylie was almost as big of a b**** as Kim [Kardashian-West] when she comes on the show,” the insider insisted.

kylie-jenner-ellen [Image via Getty/Scott Barbour]But what did Kylie Jenner actually do that was so spectacularly untoward? The source added, “In addition to refusing to use Ellen’s hair and makeup team, Kylie also needed to have two dressing rooms – one for her and one for her squad.”

They continued, “Kylie also insisted that she have two VIP parking spots, because she did not want to walk from the parking structure to the studio, which is less than a block away.”

There was also a backlash from Kylie Jenner and her posse after 57-year-old Ellen DeGeneres decided to flatly ask Jenner if she and Tyga, the musician she has allegedly been dating for around a year, were still in a relationship.

Rather than providing a definitive answer, Kylie Jenner simply responded with, “We’re hanging out.” The insider insisted that this topic was supposed to be completely off-limits, with the source remarking, “Kylie told Ellen that she did not want to talk about Tyga and Ellen asked anyways.”

However, rumors of Kylie Jenner acting like a diva on the Ellen DeGeneres Show have now been quashed by Gossip Cop. The online publication insisted that this speculation is completely “ridiculous,” with the source adding that Jenner was a “sweet and easy guest.”

During their discussion, Kylie Jenner told Ellen, “Honestly, people have it all wrong,” after being asked by the host about her relationship status with the “Rack City” musician. Ellen then remarked, “What is it? Straighten it out: We’re here for that reason,” which led to the audience erupting in applause.

kylie-jenner-ellen [Image via Getty/Dimitrios Kambouris]A clearly nervous Jenner then started to explain their current romantic predicament, making sure that she carefully selected her words as she explained, “We’re not broken up… we just… honestly… we became best friends before anything happened… so I think that’s awesome and we’re just like, I don’t know, hanging out – living’s life.”

Ellen wasn’t done with her probing though, adding, “What does that mean, hanging out?” Kylie then insisted, “That’s it,” insisting that they were “still together,” while also adding that she’d actually driven the Ferrari 26-year-old Tyga had given her for her 18th birthday to Ellen’s studio.

Tyga and Ellen DeGeneres were previously linked together for several months before her 18th birthday, which is when the pair finally came out and confirmed that they were in fact dating.

However, last week, speculation was rife that the pair had brought their relationship to an end following Kylie Jenner’s return to the United States following Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s trip to Australia. The current status of their relationship remains very much up in the air.

[Image via EllenTube]