Sheree Whitfield On Kenya Moore’s Apology: ‘I Proceed With Caution’

Sheree Whitfield was shocked when she filmed her first scene with the Real Housewives of Atlanta ladies. Sheree was returning to the show after a long hiatus, and she was shocked to see that the ladies had been following along in her personal issues. It is no secret that Whitfield’s mansion isn’t done yet, and Kenya Moore was quick to throw some digs in there to make her look bad.

While Sheree Whitfield opened up to Real Housewives of Atlanta fans about her financial troubles and her bad choices in contractors, she wasn’t as forgiving when it came to Kenya. In fact, Sheree is proceeding with caution when it comes to Moore because she doesn’t know what is going to come out of her mouth.

According to a new Bravo report, Sheree Whitfield wasn’t planning on going to Kenya’s haircare event. She did get an invitation, but given how everything went down at Cynthia Bailey’s party, it wasn’t something she was eager to attend.

“When I was invited to Kenya’s event, my initial thoughts were, ‘Oh hell to the no! This chick is uncouth and has zero class.’ Nevertheless, I decided to be a bigger person by showing up and supporting her. I’m all about supporting women and their business endeavors, because so many women choose to do the opposite. For some reason women aren’t as supportive towards other women,” Whitfield reveals in her blog.

Even though Sheree fully supports women in business, she is scared of moving forward with her friendship with Moore. She felt ambushed at Cynthia Bailey’s eyewear party, and she is clearly holding back a bit when it comes to pursuing a friendship.

“I for one know how much time, dedication, and hard work it can take to get a business off the ground, so I salute anyone who is moving forward with their dreams! Kenya has beautiful hair, so this is something I believe she will be really successful at and I wish her all the best!” Whitfield reveals in her blog about Kenya’s haircare line, adding later about their friendship, “I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but when someone shows me their hand, I definitely take note and proceed with caution. We agreed to disagree on our issues. I am woman enough to forgive and move forward, yet not crazy enough to forget. I’ll be sleeping with one eye open around this one! We’ll see how it goes.”

Even though Whitfield doesn’t really trust Kenya, she was willing to come to the event. But maybe she should proceed with caution because it doesn’t sound like things are much better these days. While the episode was airing, Sheree was very active on Twitter. She said the event was bad because Moore was more focused on her boyfriend at the time, Eugene, and wasn’t focusing on the actual products, according to Fashion & Style.

“Seems like someone’s been focusing on the wrong things. #noproduct #RHOA,” Sheree revealed on Twitter, hinting that Eugene is another paid-for escort, adding, “Isn’t she cute? Things I won’t ever be renting ever is #escorts #fauxboyfriends #keepitmoving #RHOA.”

It sounds like things between these two are not perfect. Maybe something will happen between them that will make things much worse. Considering Kenya wanted to move on, it does seem odd that Sheree would slam her on Twitter and accuse her of hiring her boyfriends for the party. In response, Moore simply pointed out that they had gotten off on the wrong foot.

What do you think of Sheree Whitfield’s thoughts? Would you proceed with caution if Kenya Moore gave you an apology?

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