‘World Of Warcraft’ Gnomes Can Finally Be Hunters, New Mechanical Pets Also Coming In ‘Legion’

Earlier this month, World of Warcraft developers revealed that the Gnome race in the game will finally have the option to be Hunters when Legion releases. The Hunter class is available to all the other races in the game currently leaving Gnomes as the only race without the option. Luckily, the pint-sized people will be able to tame the beasts of Azeroth very soon, and they are bringing a whole new pet type with them.

The highly requested new race and class combination was rather unceremoniously announced by the World of Warcraft creative director on his personal Twitter account. The screenshot of a Gnome Hunter also included what seemed to be, at the time, the race’s starter pet; a mechanical chicken. Of course, plenty of Gnomes rejoiced in their new class option, but several Hunters were pleased to see the mechanical pet standing next to the Gnome. Perhaps, mechanical pets were being added to list of creatures that Hunters could tame.

Today, Blizzard Entertainment again confirmed the upcoming option to create Gnome Hunters, and the developer divulged details on the new pet family Gnomes will bring along with them when they can be Hunters. The new Mechanical family of pets includes rare, “hard-to-find” pets that players will have to tame in interesting ways. According to the post on the official World of Warcraft website, Gnomes and Goblins will be able to innately tame Mechanical pets; however, any Hunter can tame them after using an Engineering device.

World of Warcraft Only Survival Hunters can use traps in Legion [Image via Blizzard Entertainment]The pets from this new World of Warcraft pet family are said to require some special effort on the Hunter’s part in order to tame. Blizzard developers detail one such pet located in Gnomeregan. Inside, a rare mechanostrider awaits brave Hunters willing to locate it and solve the puzzle to “overload its circuits” letting the player tame the pet. The announcement also included new information on the Gnome Hunters starter pet. Instead of the pet seen in the teaser image, Gnomes will start with a Giant Mechanical Rabbit. Not to mention, instead of fruits or meats to keep the Mechanical pets happy, players can feed them a Handful of Copper Bolts, also made by Engineers, to keep them going.

Since Legion content is now in an alpha state, many sites have been busying datamining the upcoming content. Players got their first hint of mechanical pets from those files. For instance, there is a Wowhead entry for the Mecha-Mind Synchronization Fluid, the item likely responsible for other Hunters’ ability to tame the new Mechanical pets.

World of Warcraft Call the whole stable with Beast Mastery Hunters in World of Warcraft [Image via Blizzard Entertainment]Hunters will be seeing big changes beyond a new family of pets and a new race option in Legion. As the Inquisitr reported, Beast Mastery Hunters will use Dire Beast to summon extra help and reduce the cooldown of Bestial Wrath, Survival Hunters will fight alongside their pet with melee weapons, and Marksmanship Hunters will enter the fray alone with no pet. New abilities include a talent to summon a turret for Survival Hunters, the Dark Ranger talent for Marksmanship Hunters that summons a Dark Minion to fight the player’s target, and Volley returns to the Hunter’s spellbook an optional talent.

World of Warcraft, and the current expansion Warlords of Draenor, are on sale right for players looking to start their adventure, refer themselves, or catch up before Legion releases. The base game, which includes the game’s previous four expansions, is just $4.99 while Warlords of Draenor is discounted to $12.49 for the duration of the sale. Both can be purchased directly from Blizzard via the store found at Battle.net. Legion is due out during summer 2016 with the fine print confirming its launch “on or before September 21.”

[Image via Blizzard Entertainment]