‘Fallout 4’: Codsworth’s Secret And The Path Less Traveled [Spoiler]

Some news has popped up regarding Fallout 4. It has only been about a couple of weeks since the game’s release, and a lot of people have been putting many hours into Bethesda’s creation. The open-world game aspect of it is quite phenomenal, and the main storyline begins with Vault 111’s abducted son. Now, his main goal is to find the lost son, Shaun, but there are many side quests to consider if you would like to experience the full potential of what Fallout 4 offers.

Fallout 4 Game Endings Spoilers
[Photo via Bethesda Games]

In Fallout 4, according to the Verge, submitting to spoiler territory can be akin to taking the Red Pill in The Matrix. Since the game has been out for a certain period of time, and with discoveries now commonly being revealed, perhaps it’s now time to enjoy the game without the concern of quickly scrolling past social media posts and comments regarding certain areas of the game you’d like to keep a mystery.


Now, a special twist (and spoiler) was made known, and the Verge reported it.

“Your son Shaun is dead. His consciousness has been uploaded to Codsworth in secret. You spend the second half of the game trying to unlock the memories of your now-robot child while warring factions fight to capture him to dissect and understand the technology / to reclaim the technology.”

With this major game spoiler revealed, is it really a big deal to know this, especially since there are plenty of side quests and endings you may know nothing about. Perhaps one can compromise by knowing some of the game’s secrets but relish in keeping a mystery in others.

Of course, Fallout 4 spoilers may not ruin it for you if you come across them. Spoiler-free spoilers? Sounds like a contradiction in terms, yes? At any rate, Endgadget made this discovery when a registered user/commenter of the site revealed the game’s spoiler, but it turned out not to ruin it for the reader. Reason being is likely because it’s such an open-world game that each little side-quest discovery is a treasure in its own.

Some discoveries in the game tell the tale of times prior to the events leading up to the atom bombs dropping 200 years ago. Items discovered in terminals and notes strewn about the wasteland all tell a tale that’s interesting and immersive. It allows a gamer to appreciate the story-telling. That being said, it looks like Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic RPG game has allowed for players to discover Fallout 4’s full potential.

Such examples in Fallout 4, according to the Daily Express, is finding some 50’s-themed “Americana” via vintage, fictitious comic books and periodicals that allows for player perks. It reports that the game’s environment allows for those to take it all in since there is plenty to be had and allows for quite a lengthy adventure. For example, after clearing out a building of raiders, one can stand and appreciate the poster art pinned up on walls from years ago and admire the ruined art deco furnishings and appliances.

[Photo via Bethesda Games]

For those game enthusiasts who are sometimes frustrated by being stuck never finding your favorite weapon or just attempting to finish a quest that you spent hours attempting to complete, perhaps it’d behoove you to find that one part of the game you’d like to have spoiled and end the frustration.

There are tons of Fallout 4 guides, secrets, and Easter eggs already at your disposal via YouTube or online blogs/articles. If you had already delved into upturning every rock and radroach in the game, there’s always the upcoming Season Pass for Fallout 4 that will deliver even more to your console or desktop PC.

[Image via Bethesda Games]