‘Below Deck’ Reunion: Raquel ‘Rocky’ Dakota Posts Video Of Her Twerking To Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’

Raquel “Rocky” Dakota isn’t letting the criticism bother her. She’s just shaking it off. As part one of the Below Deck Season 3 reunion show aired on Tuesday night, Rocky posted a video of herself dancing to Taylor Swift’s song “Shake It Off.”

The video, which seems to be taken in her home, shows Rocky, wearing a tight black top and black pants, lip-syncing and dancing to the hit song close in front of the camera. At one point, she turns her back to the camera and shakes her butt from side to side. She then leans over and starts twerking.

Prior to the airing of the reunion, Rocky posted a video of herself twirling around the reunion show set. This video is also set to “Shake It Off.”

Raquel “Rocky” Dakota received a lot of criticism on part one of the reunion show. Not surprisingly, Kate Chastain went after Rocky for not being professional on the yacht and disrespecting her as chief stewardess. Kate said that while Rocky didn’t pull her weight, she still gladly took a big portion of the tips. Kate remarked that she made a lot of money for Rocky.

Captain Lee Rosbach also had a lot to say about Rocky’s behavior on the yacht. He criticized Rocky for leading Emile Kotze on, defending the departed chef Leon Walker and trying to blame Kate when the galley fire was clearly Leon’s fault, and diving off the yacht mid-charter after Leon’s departure. Host Andy Cohen revealed early on the reunion episode that Leon declined the invite to appear on the reunion.

Rocky fought back on the reunion show by saying that Kate bullies her on social media. At that point, host Andy Cohen read off some of Kate’s nasty tweets. Kate sarcastically apologized if her tweets constitute bullying.

Last week, Rocky called out both Captain Lee and Kate for their behavior on social media. Rocky believes that Captain Lee is condoning Kate’s “nasty behavior.”

Rocky added that Captain Lee should not let Kate trash her on social media.

A preview for part two of the reunion shows that things get especially tense between Captain Lee and Rocky when talking about her mid-charter dive. Rocky says that she stripped off her clothes before diving off the boat because she knew the show’s microphone was expensive. Captain Lee pipes up to say that he hasn’t seen Rocky show any remorse for her behavior.

“To be honest with you I haven’t seen any real remorse, out of anything that you’ve pulled, so far this evening. What I wanted to see from you… I want you to own it, diving off the boat mid-charter was the dumbest thing you could have possibly done. You didn’t own it and you still don’t. I see somebody that wasn’t doing the job that I’ve expected them to do.”

Rocky explains that when she jumped off the boat, she really didn’t think that she was coming back, but when she did come back, she apologized to the captain. Captain Lee replies that he didn’t feel that she was sincere, and he still doesn’t. When Rocky says that she was upset about Leon’s departure, Captain Lee retorts that while Leon’s departure affected everyone, only Rocky made such a big deal about it.

“The only one making excuses here is you and that’s the point I’m trying to make, is you don’t own it. You’ve made a mistake, ‘Okay, I did it. I screwed up. It’s on me.’ But no, you’re making excuses, ‘I had a lot on my mind. I had this. I had that.’ I don’t care.”

Rocky apologizes as Captain Lee talks but then counters with a question when he doesn’t stop chastising her.

“Okay, are you going to hold on to this for the rest of your life?”

The preview released earlier for the Below Deck Season 3 reunion show also shows that part two, which airs next Tuesday, will show Kate Chastain and Ben Robinson talk about their past sexual relationship and where things stand with them now. It will also show Rocky and Eddie talk about their sexual relations on the yacht.

After Eddie says that he didn’t have any more sexual interactions with Rocky, Rocky shoots back, “What about two times after the show?”

Eddie laughs nervously as Andy asks if he’s denying it.

Early in part one of the reunion show, after Eddie Lucas made a joke about Raquel “Rocky” Dakota always looking up to the ceiling during her interviews, Rocky asked Eddie if he wants to get into it already and challenged him to bring his girlfriend out so that she can meet her. Host Andy Cohen, clearly wanting to save the best for last, moved the conversation in a different direction. Perhaps part two will also show Eddie talk about what happened with his girlfriend back home after it came out that he cheated on her with Rocky?

[Image via Bravo]