Amazon Pulls Ads For ‘Man In The High Castle’ On New York City Subway

Amazon pulls ads for Man in the High Castle from New York City subways. The new original series is based on an “alternative ending” for World War II. NYC subway commuters were upset by the Nazi symbols they saw when getting on the train. An “altered” version of the American Flag is shown on the posters advertising the new show.

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Angry NYC subway commuters and the Anti-Defamation League complained that the Amazon ads for Man in the High Castle did not “provide enough context” to explain why Nazi insignia and symbols were suddenly adorning subway cars.

The Man in the High Castle ads controversy prompted Amazon Studios to take down what were likely an expensive marketing campaign materials. Images of the Amazon ads quickly went viral online. While some social media posters were vocal opponents of the Nazi symbols being displayed in the posters advertising the new Amazon Prime series, others tweeted that they had not even notice the new display on subway cars.

The Amazon ads for The Man in the High Castle were scheduled to remain on display on the New York City subway cars until December 13, Entertainment Weekly reports. The ads were wrapping the entire 42nd Street subway shuttle cars. The posters already on display at subway stations will remain until December 6.

The Man in the High Castle Amazon ads included NYC subway cars decked out in with symbols of Rising Sun flag of Imperial Japan and the Nazi Reichsadler eagle, Mashable notes. Both of the symbols are meant to convey the striking contrast between the America we know and enjoy today, and the way the country would look if Germany and Japan had been victorious during World War II.

The Amazon Studios original series is free for the live streaming pleasure of Amazon Prime customers. The Man in the High Castle currently consists of 10 episodes.

The Man in the High Castle: Officia

Series creator Frank Spotnitz, the creator and executive producer of The Man in the High Castle, told Entertainment Weekly the very premise of the World War II alternative ending series makes it a great challenge to advertise and also stated that he understands that the Amazon ads are controversial.

“It’s very difficult with a show with subject matter like this to market it tastefully, so I understand they’re walking a very difficult line,” Frank Spotnitz added. “Within the show, there is a context where you see why [they’re used], but just to put them out like that without the context was unfortunate.”

Spotnitz said he was not involved in The Man in the High Castle ads and marketing decisions. The Amazon original series creator said that if he had been asked, he would have strongly advised officials in the advertising department not to do it. Spotnitz said that he is in agreement with the complaints by the Anti-Defamation League, that when taken out of context, the Nazi symbols could appear offensive.

The Man in the High Castle — Defiance Video

What do you think about Amazon pulling ads for Man in the High Castle? Do you watch the new original series about the alternative ending to World War II?

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