Duggar Son-In-Law Says God Is Building The Church Through Syrian Refugee Crisis, Should Accept Muslims In US

A Duggar son-in-law, Ben Seewald, is speaking out about the Syrian refugee crisis and claims that we should not fear Muslim refugees, but welcome them into the United States in a bid to grow the church. Seewald shared a post about the fears regarding the Syrian refugee crisis and America’s involvement in the issue. The post points out that Christians should be looking at it as an opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to a group of people that was previously unreachable.

Jessa Duggar's Husband Tries To Sell Gospel Tracts Ben Seewald, a Duggar family son-in-law, says that the Syrian refugee crisis could be part of God’s will for the expansion of the church. [Image via Instagram/Jessa Seewald]Ben Seewald, the husband of Duggar daughter Jessa Seewald, recently shared a post to his personal Facebook account which outlines why Christians should be approaching the Syrian refugee crisis differently than other Americans. The post titled “Building His Church in a Refugee Crisis” notes that though many Americans are concerned about the safety of allowing Syrian refugees into the United States, Christians should be looking for God’s purpose in the crisis.

“What if, while America was asking questions about safety and risk management, Christians were asking, What is God doing? What if, through the senseless evil of civil war, God was bringing unreached people groups to our cities? What if, through great tragedy, God was bringing about the triumph of the gospel?”

The article notes that though there are legitimate safety concerns regarding the influx of a heavily Muslim culture to the United States, it points out that there may be a greater purpose for the arrival of the refugees to America. In fact, the writer says that an influx of Syrian refugees could grow God’s church in both the U.S. and Europe if Christians would minister to the individuals seeking refuge in their country. In fact, the article goes further in saying that the refugee crisis may be part of God’s plan to expand the gospel to regions that were previously hard for Christians to infiltrate.

“Christian missionaries have spent years praying, strategizing, and risking everything to go to these people. Now, God is bringing them here.”

The article also discusses a real-world example of a Muslim Syrian refugee converting to Christianity after seeking refuge in the United States. The story of the encounter between Stephanie and Fatimah in a local library was used to hit home the point that many Christians could be using the Syrian refugee crisis to spread the gospel. Ben Seewald and possibly the Duggars seem to agree with the assessment that safety concerns should be left to the government and that Christians should be focusing on converting the refugees that enter the United States.

The Duggar son-in-law seems to be attempting to understand the Syrian refugee crisis through his faith and has also posted another video from Samaritan’s Purse that shows what it looks like when refugees arrive in Greece from a long journey at sea.

Seewald captioned the video “Refugees in need. You can ignore. You can fear. Or you can help.” On the surface, it seems that Ben Seewald was promoting for his fans to not fear the refugees but to rather provide financial support to the families in need. This video paired with the first article indicated that Seewald also was promoting for Christians not to buy into the fear of the refugees but rather use it as an opportunity to share God’s word to people previously unattainable.

Syrian War Drug: What Effects Does This Drug Have On Fighters In Syria? [Video] Ben Seewald promotes Christians financially supporting Syrian refugees. [Photo by John Moore/Getty Images]However, a comment made directly below Seewald’s Samaritan’s purse video has left some wondering exactly where the Duggar son-in-law stands on the issue. After posting the article about God’s plan surrounding bringing refugees into the United States, he posted a somewhat contradictory comment.

“It is interesting that people are assuming that helping the refugees automatically means that you have to bring them into your personal home and let them live with you.”

What do you think about Ben Seewald’s mixed messages regarding the Syrian refugee crisis? Do you think the Duggars agree with Seewald’s assessment?

[Image via TLC/ YouTube]