Attention Ladies: ‘The PMS Package’ Is Here, And You’re Definitely Gonna Want One

Sometimes, genius can come from the most unlikely places.

An innovative idea called The PMS Package has taken the female side of the internet by storm, and it’s exactly what you think it is – a package that contains goodies to comfort women having their periods.

One would think that the concept came from a woman – after all, menstruation is an experience unique to females. However, The PMS Package is actually the brainchild of two 19-year-old lads from Ohio, Luke Buchy and Ashton Onesko.

What is The PMS Package and how does one get a hold of one? The company, which was launched a few months ago, enables customers to subscribe to their site and have custom-assembled gift boxes delivered directly to their homes.

Some of the contents of a typical PMS package may include anything from food items, like candy bars, chocolate, and pretzels, to bath treats, such as shower gel and essential oils, to just regular cute stuff like Christmas socks and plush toys. You’ll never get the same box again – the assortment of goodies changes every month.

Each PMS Package starts off at $12.99 for what they call the “Mini” box and could go for as much as $34.99 for the “Executive” box. The novel, albeit unconventional business model, was said to have been inspired by Buchy’s 17-year-old kid sister Anna, who we can only presume contributed largely to the selection of items that goes in The PMS Package.

As with most new businesses nowadays, The PMS Package greatly benefited from social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter to promote their product to their target audience – millennial women. At the moment, their official Twitter page has more than 110,000 followers and counting.

Theirs is an example of savvy social media marketing in that the owners engage with their audience and do not simply post photos and announcements. For instance, The PMS Package retweets photos of customers with their boxes and they also use the poll feature on Twitter to determine the best items to include in their packages.

A YouTube video on the company’s official channel shows a rather somber young lady whose mood changes when a guy (on a hoverboard) delivers The PMS Package’s signature baby pink box to her doorstep.

The PMS Package Delivers Mood-Altering Goodies With a Flourish

The process of ordering seems pretty straightforward. After completing the subscription process, you can start picking out order options such as the size of The PMS Package and the date you wish the package to be delivered every month. Ideally, the entered date is the same as the day of the woman’s monthly period, although it won’t be the case for women with irregular cycles.

Popular female-oriented publications and websites have raved about The PMS Package. Well-known magazines such as Cosmopolitan, People, and Seventeen have featured the company. The Zooey Deschanel-run website Hello Giggles published an article that gushed about The PMS Package, calling it the “Holy Grail” of women’s gift boxes.

“Once you receive your parcel, you’ll open it to discover an assortment of goodies that will make you look at the sky and whisper, ‘Thank you, PMS Package. Thank you,'” said the website.

Like a true entrepreneur, the founders of The PMS Package utilize customer feedback to improve their service, thereby boosting their brand and business. Onesko revealed that they hold regular consultation sessions with a team of females in order to keep their packages on point.

“We have a team of girls who bounce ideas back and forth to decide the most comforting items to put into the packages,” he says.

He adds that the main goal of The PMS Package is not so much giving in to the cravings of menstruating women as it is providing comfort to them at the moment they most need it.

[Image via Instagram]