Hoverboard Black Friday Sales: Best Places To Get One Before Christmas

When it comes to Christmas this year, a lot of people are asking for their very own hoverboard, which are also called mini segways by some people. The hoverboard is still hard to get in the United States at a good price so everyone is looking for a big Black Friday sale on hoverboards. Passion for Savings went to their blog to share some of the best deals on the hoverboard for 2015. This is going to be a very popular tech gadget this year, but also very hard for anyone to find and purchase.

Kohl’s is one of the new stores that are offering the hoverboard for sale. On Black Friday, the hoverboard is on sale there for $369.99, but you can get it at an even better price since you get Kohl’s cash for everything you spend. It will end up costing you $264.99 and then you have some money to spend at Kohl’s. This is actually a Sharper Image brand hoverboard. Wal-Mart had some on sale, but they are already sold out. Toys R Us doesn’t even offer the hoverboards for sale at this time. Target lists one, but it is $499 and you can’t get it shipped to your home.

The site Hoverboard 360 is offering a few various hoverboards with a discount. If you use code 100OFFXL, then you can get more money off of your hoverboard purchase through them. They are priced at $698.99 before the code right now. They do offer free two day shipping, which is hard to find on this item. Amazon also has several hoverboards for sale, even cheaper, but the problem is they are not guaranteed to arrive until after Christmas. Most of these come out of China, which delays the shipping process. The prices range from affordable to over $1,000. You just have to decide how bad you want to get a hoverboard and if it is worth waiting until after the holidays. Vengatti is offering a discount based on tweets they get from fans.


Fortune shared that Mark Cuban is actually filing lawsuits against several of the companies that are making these. Cuban recently purchased the hoverboard patent license from the inventor of Hovertrax, Shane Chen. This patent, which Mark now owns, gives him exclusive license to “a two-wheel, self-balancing personal vehicle.” They actually sued IO Hawk, the best-known American importer of Chinese-manufactured hoverboards, for patent infringement and if people keep it more lawsuits will be coming from Cuban.


The hoverboard that is so popular right now is not a flying board like you have seen in Back To The Future II. Instead this version of the hoverboard does have wheels that go on the ground. They are very popular and the fact that a lot of celebrities have been seen on them is making the hoverboard something that is going to be on a lot of Christmas lists this year. New York and United Kingdom have even said that the hoverboards are illegal to drive on streets, according to USA Today, but other places have not shared their law on this new popular gadget the hoverboard yet.

Do you have big plans to buy a hoverboard for Christmas on Black Friday? If so, you better make sure you order your hoverboard now to make sure you can get it in time for the big holiday. Hoverboards are really popular this season, but they are not easy to come by and this is not a product you can just run into the store and pick up.

[Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images]