‘Once Upon A Holiday’: Hallmark Kicks Off Thanksgiving Eve With 5 Nights Of Movies, Starring Briana Evigan And Paul Campbell

Once Upon A Holiday is a lovely new movie that will air Thanksgiving Eve on the Hallmark Channel. The romantic two-hour original movie is the first in a series of five Christmas movies that will be shown five nights in a row. Written by David Golden, Once Upon A Holiday stars Briana Evigan as Katie, Paul Campbell as Jack, Jacqueline Samuda as Margaret, Greg Evigan as George, Tony Alcantar as Simon, Jay Brazeau as Harry, Beverly Elliot as Dixie, and Tara Wilson as Emily, according to Fox 11.

Hallmark is home to some of the most sentimental movies during the holiday season. The channel gets to the heart of what people want to see. While the other stations develop programming geared toward crime, hate, demons, politics, and the subject of race relations, Hallmark continues tapping into viewers’ desire for all things romantic and charming.

Once Upon A Holiday Synopsis

Once Upon A Holiday is an engrossing TV movie that centers around a royal princess who is tired of her diamond-studded privileged life and the royal responsibilities that come with being a princess. Desiring to see how regular people live, she finally gets the courage to leave it all behind by escaping one day, which puts her in the path of a wonderful young man and good Samaritan who sweeps her off of her feet. There is only one issue: he’s not rich. As their relationship deepens, he desires to know more about her and has no idea she’s a princess. Now, she has to consider how he’ll feel once he finds out her true identity? “Will the guy still feel the same way once he learns the truth? And if this works out, won’t that make him a prince? We’re guessing yes.”

Everyone loves the idea of falling head over heels for someone. But there is something especially intriguing about a rich, cultured woman who falls in love with a poor street guy. We have seen rich girl/poor guy romances in movies like Titanic starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, as well as in The Notebook and Dirty Dancing Havana Nights. Equally interesting is the reverse scenario, involving a rich man who falls in love with a beautiful but poor woman, like in Jennifer Lopez’s Maid In Manhattan.

Though the idea of these kinds of match-ups play out well in movies, in real life, relationships like these seldom work out in the end. In the beginning stages, the romance and sex is intense, but eventually real-world problems end up bogging down the relationship and causing great strain. Usually, the love is not strong enough to combat the differences in culture, behavior, and financial background between the rich person and the poor person. But even still, the idea of this kind of forbidden relationship makes a person’s heart skip a beat.

No doubt, Once Upon A Holiday will stir up those heart-racing, tender moments for Hallmark viewers as they watch this on-screen romance blossom around Christmas time. Take a peek at the mini-bios of some of the actors, courtesy of HallmarkChannel.com.


Once Upon A Holiday Cast Members

Briana Evigan

“Briana comes from a show business family. Her father, Greg Evigan, is an actor/singer/ songwriter/musician who had two hit television series ‘BJ and The Bear’ and ‘My Two Dads’ and a steady career in feature films and on television. Her mother is actress Pam Serpe.”

Greg Evigan

“Greg is an actor, singer, song writer, and musician known around the world best for his character portrayals of B. J. McKay on the hit television series “B. J. and the Bear” and Joey Harris in ‘My Two Dads.'() Some of Greg’s latest appearances in TV and Film include ‘Divorce Invitation’, with Elliott Gould, ‘CSI’, with Ted Danson, and ‘Only God Can.'”

Paul Campbell

“Most recently, [Paul] Campbell starred with James Caan and Danny Trejo in the critically acclaimed independent feature ‘Preggoland’ and has appeared in 2 romantic comedies for Hallmark, ‘Surprised by Love’, opposite Hilary Burton and Tim Conway, and ‘Window Wonderland’ opposite Chyler Leigh.”

Find out if the princess will get her prince by tuning into Hallmark on Wednesday, November 25, at 8/7 central. Once Upon A Holiday is produced by Vicki Southern and Greg Malcolm with James Head directing. Inquisitr recently covered Murder, She Baked: A Plum Pudding Mystery and Merry Matrimony.

[Image via Hallmark Channel/Facebook]