Selena Gomez Spotted Having Dinner With 1D’s Niall Horan — But Wait, They’re Just Friends!

Selena Gomez, Niall Horan

Selena Gomez and Niall Horan were spotted having dinner recently. So, what’s the big deal? Well, their recent sighting is making the dating rumors circulate once again.

Just days after Selena Gomez was spotted having a dinner date with Justin Bieber, she was photographed having dinner with a group of friends, including One Direction’s own Niall Horan. Fans wondered if Gomez and Horan are more than just friends. But an inside source confirmed to Us Weekly that the two stars are just friendly with each other.

It all started when Gomez, 23, and Horan, 22, were spotted having dinner at Nobu Malibu, where they were joined by Horan’s bandmate and friend Liam Payne. The alleged insider told the tabloid that Gomez is a single woman these days, despite her recent sightings with the famous men in her lives. Another source told Us Weekly that Gomez and Horan have been friends for years.

The first insider told the magazine that Sel bumped into Niall at an AMAs after-party at The Nice Guy on Sunday night, and the two singers decided to grab some food over at the hotspot. Us Weekly isn’t the only one who’s quashing the romance rumors. Another source told the Gossip Cop that Selena and Niall are “just friends” despite their cozy dinner. The source even added that Sel is on “friendly terms” with her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber, but there’s no doubt that the tabloids and fans will “create a love triangle” out of the whole ordeal.

Selena Gomez herself has previously confirmed that she and Niall Horan are just friends. She called the 1D singer one of her “best friends” when she guest DJ’d for iHeartRadio earlier this month. Not only did Gomez play 1D’s hit single “Drag Me Down” from her playlist, but she also gave a friendly shout out to Horan.

“Drag Me Down by One Direction is fun, I cannot stop listening to it. It has this really cool, adult vibe. My friends who listened to the song had no idea it was One Direction and thought it had a really cool vibe!

“Gotta shout out Niall Horan, one of my best friends! He’s so unbelievably kind and deserves everything he has.”

Over the summer, Selena Gomez and Niall Horan were spotted having a lunch date, sending the dating rumors into overdrive. A lucky fan noticed the two musicians and asked for a photo with each of them. Although Selena and Niall weren’t photographed together, it was clear that they were at the same place together.

According to J-14 Magazine, the two stars have been spotted on dinner dates in the past. Back in February 2014, Gomez and Horan were spotted grabbing dinner in London. According to the tabloids, their alleged date was more than just friendly.

“It’s very early days, but they’ve been in constant contact since she went back to the states. Niall’s exactly the kind of guy she needs right now. He’s so sweet, a total gentleman and 100 percent not a player like Justin turned out to be.”

Meanwhile, a report via Hollywood Life claimed that Selena and Niall “made out” during their “date,” but then Gossip Cop confirmed that those rumors weren’t true. It looks like Selena is just enjoying the single life at the moment.

She told Flare magazine, “I go on dates. It’s not that difficult — I’m a nice young lady — but that’s not my focus. I’m really stoked about being with myself right now.”

But Selena Gomez was spotted with her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber on Friday, November 20. The two exes didn’t look cozy in the photos, but at one point, Gomez placed her hand on Bieber’s backside. Now a new report via TMZ claims that Gomez and Bieber are also just friends at the moment. Sources told the celebrity gossip site that the on-and-off couple didn’t hook up over the weekend, despite being seen at the same venues over the weekend.

Meanwhile, another source told Hollywood Life that although Gomez and the Biebs are are going on dates, they don’t want to make their relationship exclusive.

“They are going to hang out, and have their meet-ups, but they will not endure the media circus they would get into if they went exclusive again with each other. Selena wants more, but is accepting the way things are going because it allows her to still be in Justin’s life.”

But the two did cause a media circus when Bieber, 21, serenaded Gomez with his rendition of “My Girl” at the piano bar at the Montage Beverly Hills. While Gomez and Horan are just friends, former 1D member Zayn Malik is reportedly dating Gigi Hadid.

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