‘Scream Queens’ Guest Star Chad Michael Murray Dishes On His ‘Sexual Deviant’ Character

'Scream Queens' Guest Star Chad Michael Murray Dishes On His 'Sexual Deviant' Character [Image via Fox]

Scream Queens is getting ready to introduce a number of exciting guest stars in its upcoming Thanksgiving special. Along with the usual cast of Jamie Lee Curtis, Ariana Grande, Nick Jonas, and Emma Roberts, the episode will feature Chad Michael Murray, Alan Thicke, and Patrick Schwarzenegger as part of Chad Radwell’s (Glen Powell) egotistic family.

As far as Murray’s part is concerned, the actor is set to play one of Chad’s brothers, Brad. With Chad exhibiting some odd sexual desire throughout this season of the show, one of the biggest questions going into the episode is how alike are his siblings when it comes to his sexually deviant ways. In that regard, Murray was recently asked if Brad is also into any peculiar habits in an interview with TV Guide.

“We haven’t discovered that yet. But my God, what would I want him to have? If Chad’s into necrophilia, I think it’d be really fascinating if Brad had some very bizarre twist,” Murray revealed in the interview. “These guys are all sexual deviants, no doubt about it. I can imagine Thad probably has a little bit of a bestiality thing going on, it seems to me. He’s got some issues. Brad, I don’t know what his is, but I’m betting he’s a tied up, ball gag type of guy.”

How will Chad Radwell's family react to Chanel on the next episode of 'Scream Queens'? [Image via Fox]

“It’s too early to tell,” Murray shared. “You have new blood in your home, and the Radwells are a very well-to-do family. Their name and their family crest are everything to them. They’re proud to be Radwells. For Chad to bring home a new woman, we’ve all got to check her off the list.”

If Chad’s family members share some of his odd tendencies, then Chanel should have no problem at all fitting right in. That being said, it could just as easily go the other way, especially if Chanel butts heads with the Radwells.

Alan Thicke will guest star on the next episode of 'Scream Queens' [Image via Fox]

“My character premiers Thanksgiving week, Nov. 24, and I play the father of a patriarch of a bizarre family that includes Patrick Schwarzenegger,” Thicke told HNGN. “I play his father, which means I am Arnold Schwarzenegger! I’ll be back!”

Of course, being a part of a family like the Radwells naturally means that his character will have some unique traits of his own. With that in mind, Thicke went on to talk about whether or not he shares some of his characters traits in real-life, and he hinted a little about what’s to come.

“Yes, there are some. And then there are a couple of others that are kind of over-the-top. I like to think, antithetical to my own reality. A couple of surprising traits I’m not supposed to tell you about,” Thicke teased. “I’m supposed to intrigue you enough…let us say that the character begins with what you’d expect of an Alan Thicke character celebrating Thanksgiving with the family, and then it turns to s–t!”

Fans will have to tune in to find out what unfolds between Chanel and the Radwells when the thanksgiving episode of Scream Queens airs Tuesday night on FOX.

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