‘Castle’ Spoilers: What’s Next For Beckett And Castle After Their Winter Finale Decision?

Well, Castle and Beckett ended up where they arguably should have been at the beginning of the season in the Castle Season 8 fall finale. Some fans haven’t been happy seeing the couple broken up for the first part of the season, and Rick himself voices what could have easily been the solution that kept the two together but still protected him as the truth came out in “Mr. & Mrs. Castle.”

Though broken up in the previous episode, Rick went to Beckett in “The Last Seduction” about spending their first wedding anniversary together, with an invitation to dinner in a very Castle-like way: balloons, confetti, and a big Happy Anniversary banner. She accepted, and they ended up falling into bed together, followed by a nice moment that was interrupted when she got a text and left.

Caskett in Castle season 8
Castle and Beckett celebrate their anniversary together. [Image via ABC]
Having glanced at that mysterious text message while she was out of the room, Rick was on the case in the fall finale, enlisting Hayley’s help and ultimately finding out that it came from Vikram. He put the pieces together, realized his wife had never dropped LokSat and, after subterfuge on both their parts to help their hackers (Vikram in Beckett’s case, and Hayley in Castle’s), there was a confrontation at the precinct, as he not only let Beckett know the flaw in her logic and what she could have done differently, but also why she had chosen the path she did.

“You could’ve come to me with everything, broken us up just like you did only it would have been a cover and together in secret, we could have taken this guy down. Only that thought never even occurred to you because deep down inside, you like being broken and you need this obsession. And no matter what I do, I can’t change that. Only you can, Kate.”

Having realized he was right, she went to him at the end of the last Castle Season 8 episode and apologized, insisting she never wanted to hurt him and never lost faith in him. “I didn’t realize even how much I needed you until this happened. Please, just don’t make me do this without you,” she admitted, and the two reunited.

Sure, it seems that Rick forgave Kate a bit too easily, and co-showrunner Alexi Hawley admitted to TVLine that they would’ve had him be mad longer if they had more time in the fall finale, “but the 42 minutes of network television being what it is …”

As for what their dynamic will look like now that they’re back together but still broken up to the world when Castle Season 8 returns (February 1, according to the promo that aired on ABC), Hawley explained, “they can ‘fight’ in public, but the audience knows that it’s just an act,” which means there’s “the energy of fighting in public and doing that other thing in private.”

Castle and Beckett in her office in episode 807
What will Castle and Beckett’s dynamic be like when Season 8 returns in 2016? [Image via ABC]
The good news is, despite Vikram being the guy who interrupted her anniversary on purpose and who has been reminding her of the danger Rick could be in, Hawley told TVGuide.com that Beckett is “committed to the decision” she made at the end of the winter finale. That being said, don’t expect to see her husband involved in the LokSat investigation.

“She’s keeping [him] in the loop as much as she can,” Hawley explained. “There’s nothing actionable for him to be doing when we come back … When there’s something that Castle can do, I think she’ll absolutely put him in the game. That’s our operating premise going into the middle third of the season.”

But while he may not be immediately involved in LokSat, Rick and Kate will continue to solve murders together when Castle Season 8 returns, though executive producer Terence Paul Winter teased that “they try to stay away from each other but for whatever reason, they keep on being forced to work together.”

Castle Season 8 returns Monday, February 1 at 10 p.m. on ABC.

[Image via ABC]

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