Josh Duggar Sells ‘Dream Home’ To Mystery LLC Days Before Adult Film Star Star Sex Pal Comes Forward: Was The Sale Legal? [Video]

Josh Duggar has sold his “dream home” in a suspicious transaction that has both Duggar fans and detractors scratching their heads. According to the Daily Mail, the home in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, was sold just days prior to reports that Josh had sex with adult film star Danica Dillon.

The five-bedroom home was supposed to be Josh Duggar’s haven, where he could raise his four children after his very public fall from grace, which resulted in the crash and burn of his burgeoning political career. The home was “a definite fixer-upper,” and Josh had even “enlisted his brother-in-law David Waller [Anna’s sister Priscilla’s husband] to help him rehab and update the place.”

The Daily Mail reports, however, that Duggar sold the home in a “swift transaction” to an LLC on August 24 — but nobody knows who owns the corporation.

According to a 2007 Arkansas law, such information is confidential.

The corporation, ALB Investments, LLC is a mystery company, a “newly-minted” corporation, according to the Daily Mail, and all that’s known is ALB Investments was set up by a Duggar insider, attorney Travis W. Story. Story is also the registered agent of ALB Investments, LLC.

Duggar insiders reveal that Story is a “long-time friend of the Duggars” who attends Cross Church along with the conservative Christian family. The Daily Mail reports that just last week, Story represented Jim Bob Duggar in “a non-trial case against Deutsche Bank.”

Although the reasons for selling the “dream home” are not clear, since the transaction came so quickly after Josh Duggar’s fall from grace, it’s possible the home was sold to prevent any financial fallout. Just days prior to the sale, reports surfaced that Josh Duggar had not just one, but two accounts with the infidelity website Ashley Madison, according to Reality Today.

Duggar then openly admitted he cheated on his wife, and Dillon spoke out her sexual relations with Josh in the days that followed.

Last week, a civil lawsuit was filed against Josh Duggar by Danica Dillon. In court documents, Dillon accuses Josh Duggar of battery and claims she was “roughed up.” Although the sex was consensual, she felt “as if she were being raped” by Josh. Danica, whose real name is Ashley Stamm-Northup, is seeking damages of at least $500,000.

Although Duggar apologized for molesting five teenage girls — two of whom were his sisters — as well as being unfaithful to his wife, Josh has not commented on the lawsuit from Dillon.

A source close to Josh Duggar revealed that the couple did not plan on selling the home until the Ashley Madison scandal broke. The Arkansas property was “the first home Josh ever owned.”

Ownership of the home was quickly transferred after reports Josh was unfaithful to his wife and “went into hiding on the Duggar compound,” an insider revealed. Duggar also checked into a faith-based rehab center to seek treatment for his sex addiction.

According to the Daily Mail, the transaction might have been Jim Bob’s idea. An insider revealed that Jim Bob “may seem like he just fell off the turnip truck,” but the Duggar family patriarch is “savvy when it comes to his investments and real estate.”

Was the transaction of the home legal even though it was sold only two days prior to Danica’s confession? According to the Daily Mail, Josh and Anna Duggar reportedly made a $10,000 profit on the home, which they purchased for $55,000.

Although the timing of the sale is questionable, according to Professor Eugene Volokh from the UCLA School of Law, it appears nothing fraudulent appeared to have taken place, reports the Daily Mail. Had the home been sold for significantly under market value, the sale might have been fraudulent. But because Josh and Anna made a profit, the sale appears legitimate on paper.

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