Kyle Richards, Kim Richards, Camille Grammer, Taylor Armstrong, And Adrienne Maloof Watched 'RHOBH' Uncensored Special Together

Karen de Wilde

Most of the cast members from Season 1 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills watched the uncensored special that aired on Sunday night together. As the episode aired, Adrienne Maloof tweeted a photo that shows her, Camille Grammer, Kyle Richards, Kim Richards, and Taylor Armstrong watching the special in Kyle's home theater. Also watching were three of Kyle's daughters, friends, and production crew members, some of whom appeared on the special to give their background insights on what really happened during the show's first season.

"thank you for a lovely evening with the gang. Our dysfunctional family ;). 💜"

Watching the special together and relieving the past drama at Kyle's house may have been awkward at times for the group. The uncensored special showed some of the more dramatic moments from the first season, with added current commentary from the cast and production crew to explain what happened back then and how they felt at the time.

During Season 1, Kyle and Camille frequently clashed with one another. On the uncensored special, Kyle, in her interview, said that Camille got very upset with her when she asked why she and her children were filming in Hawaii without her then-husband, actor Kelsey Grammer. Kyle said that was the point that Camille decided that she was the enemy.

Right after Kyle made that comment, the women went to New York City for the opening of Kelsey's play. Unaired footage showed that prior to the group dinner, Taylor told Camille in a bathroom that all of the women were talking about how insecure he is during the flight over. Taylor also told Camille that Kyle was in charge of how everyone would be portrayed on the show. Camille charged out of the bathroom furious, convinced that she was going to be set up to be the show's villain. The group later filmed the dinner scene in which Kyle called Camille "a f**king liar" and got angry with Kim for not backing her up. In her interview for the uncensored special, Kyle said that she realized that Kim was not backing her up because she had been drinking.

The uncensored special also revealed that Camille Grammer's dinner party at her house, dubbed "the dinner party from hell," was unenventful for the most part. The production crew were just about to wrap up filming after two hours when all of a sudden, Camille's friend, the psychic Allison Dubois, told Kyle that her husband would be leaving her in the future, which led to the now infamous group argument. In their interviews, Camille admitted that she brought Allison along as backup, while Kyle admitted that she brought Faye Resnick as support.

As for Kim Richards, the uncensored special provided a lot of footage in regards to her sobriety. It showed that the cast and crew all knew about Kim's struggle with sobriety. During a party at Mohamed Hadid's house, Kim hid in one of the bathrooms and drank. She later fell down after shooting ended.

The special also showed that Kim was late to the season finale party because her manager was trying to sober her up in the limo on the way over. Kyle was notified by production that Kim was drinking. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the special then shows that after Kyle confronted Kim about her not defending her in New York City, Kim ran off to the lobby. While the crew could not film in the lobby, Kim could be heard yelling that she doesn't even like Kyle and that Kyle is "fake" and "phoney." Kyle demanded that Kim be brought back up from the lobby. Later on, when Kim was in her limo, a production crew member tried to keep Kyle from going inside. Yet, as viewers saw on Season 1, Kyle did get inside, and that's when Kim yelled out that Kyle "stole" her house. Kyle lashed back by yelling that Kim is an alcoholic and that she and her husband, Mauricio Umansky, will now stop supporting her financially.

The uncensored special also showed that executive producer Andy Cohen wasn't initially sold on the idea of doing The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills because there was already The Real Housewives of Orange County. He changed his mind upon seeing Lisa Vanderpump. Lisa, by the way, wanted to be called Pinky Vanderpump on the show, but production wouldn't allow it because they said it sounded like a porn star's name.

The uncensored special also showed that on her audition tape, Kim Richards talked about how her sister, Kyle Richards, doesn't think that she's good enough. For their opening credits, the housewives originally held Champagne flutes, but then production changed it to large diamonds because of Kim's alcoholism.

"We did the Champagne but in the wake of Kim being outed as an alcoholic, it seemed in poor taste. So by default we got the diamonds."